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Sept. 25, 2017

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Page 30 of 55 SEPT. 25, 2017 31 Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly … On if he's seen inaccuracy from Brandon Wimbush in practice or has it showed itself more in games so far this season: "There's a little bit of growing [needed] with the offense. I think there's a couple catches out there that some of those guys need to make for him. "There's a little bit of inaccuracy there, where he's a little rushed at times, where he's just got to settle into the game, and then he makes a beautiful throw to Durham Smythe in the third quarter on a corner route. … When he settled into the game, I thought he threw the ball much better." On field position being an issue in the first half: "It certainly was. Both their kickers are outstanding. … Clearly that was part of some of the play calling and be- ing very careful with the football. "We tried to be very careful right before the half, and certainly, unfortunately, it led to a turnover, but our de- fense stood strong there and we got out of the half there." Notre Dame junior quarterback Brandon Wimbush … On what needs to be fixed passing the ball: "Obvi- ously, there were some miscues in the passing. I really want to get those guys the ball because I have so many playmakers. I feel bad, and I take full responsibility for not making the throws and getting those guys the ball. "There are things we're going to go back and evaluate during the week, and I think we'll be much improved come next week." On if running well helps his confidence passing: "It definitely helps your confidence, but there's so much to improve on in the passing game. "It all starts with me. I take full responsibility for it. I look to improve this upcoming week." Notre Dame junior running back Josh Adams … On two players eclipsing 200 rushing yards: "We were just told that after the game when we finished. A lot of that credit goes to the offensive line for dominating out there and mandating their will on the other team. It's definitely a blessing. It's exciting to have. "It's definitely an honor, especially being at the Uni- versity of Notre Dame and all the guys that came before us. We're just going to keep focusing on getting better and improving." Notre Dame senior left guard Quenton Nelson … On red zone success: "I would say the play calling and then everyone just doing what they're supposed to do. "Running the correct routes with the correct depth of where they're supposed to run it, the blocking up front, the running backs hitting the hole and hitting it hard, Brandon making good decisions, and the play calls." Notre Dame sophomore drop end Daelin Hayes … On what the communication on defense is like when they need a stop: "With the momentum shift of our of- fense getting a turnover, you've got to expect a shot the very next play. Overall, the whole defense has a mental- ity of bucking up in situations like that. "Just a gritty group that if the offense needs us to bail them out, we're more than happy to do that. I think we showed resilience and grit as a defense when it came to those situations." On big picture view of the defense: "We've got a lot to clean up, but coach just told us it's a lot better to make mistakes and clean up after a win. "There are lot of things we've got to clean up, but I think we executed at a high level when it came down to getting them off the field and getting our guys on the field to capitalize." Notre Dame senior linebacker Nyles Morgan … On adjustments defense made: "They were running some outside stuff and things like that. We figured out what they were doing, made the appropriate corrections and moved forward." Notre Dame junior cornerback Shaun Crawford … On how it felt making two interceptions in front of his family: "It felt great. But I just have to thank Coach [Mike] Elko and his scheme. "I'm thankful this opportunity came with my family here making the drive from Cleveland. It was an awe- some experience." — Corey Bodden FROM THE LOCKER ROOM Head coach Brian Kelly is now 5-0 against Boston College since taking over at Notre Dame. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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