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Sept. 25, 2017

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6 SEPT. 25, 2017 BLUE & GOLD ILLUSTRATED FAN FORUM PAYING THE PRICE I live in Denver and after the Bron- cos season ended, the front office told 4,000-plus season ticket holders that they were not renewing their season tickets because they monitored Stub Hub and seating, and realized that these season-ticket holders were just using them as an investment. The Broncos told them and all season-ticket holders that this is our stadium, and we only want a Bronco fan in those seats, except for those allotted to the visiting team. Notre Dame needs to take a look at some- thing similar. By the way, that wasn't roughing the passer. Mark Denver ADJUSTMENT PERIOD It seems Brian Kelly is overmatched in the second half of big games. He had no trouble losing games on his own in the past — the Tulsa pass in 2010, going for two in 2014 versus Northwestern when not necessary, etc. — but now he has done a 360. He makes no visible second-half adjustments. We died a slow death many times last year, while oppo- nents made adjustments and we were unable to stop them. We kept passing against North Carolina State in a hur- ricane, we never loaded the box ver- sus Virginia Tech or Navy, and they ran the ball down our throats … Against Georgia, Mike McGlinchey whiffed repeatedly on the faster No. 7 (Lorenzo Carter) — but did we help him in crunch time by putting a back on that side? No. Did we finally realize we could not get Brandon Wimbush (16 carries, one yard) to the edge? No. Did anyone realize Josh Adams could barely stand and replace him with fresh legs? No. Whatever the plan when we leave the locker room, we will stick with it no matter. The defense played their hearts out and should keep us in most games. Even more painful than another tough loss to a quality opponent was the sea of red in our stadium. Season ticket holders — most I'm sure don't need a few extra bucks — sold their tickets. Greedy and not true Notre Dame fans. If someone in red is in their seats they should be held ac- countable. Tony Ardizzone Indianapolis IT'S OFFICIAL I write this during the Georgia game before the outcome is known. If I heard the announcers correctly, both the on field referees and the re- play officials are from the SEC. How does Notre Dame allow this? Do you think for a minute Georgia would allow both referees to be from the ACC when they play in Georgia? Michael J. Higgins '67 Via the Internet Mr. Higgins, yes, because that has been the agreement for many years. When USC or Stanford come to town, it is Pac-12 of- ficials. When Notre Dame travels to USC or Stanford, it is an ACC officiating crew. When Notre Dame travels to Georgia in 2019, it will be an ACC crew. When Mich- igan State came here in 2016, it was a Big Ten crew. When the Irish travel to or East Lansing this week, it will be an ACC crew. FROM THE WEBSITE The 20-19 loss to Georgia resulted in much disappointment in the outcome, but one topic especially discussed has been after mostly mediocrity the past 20-plus years, Notre Dame's football fan base is gradually eroding from the glory days. Varying opinions were displayed, and here's a small sample: Ninermark: If Notre Dame would resurrect their football program the fans wouldn't think of selling their tickets. It is a skeptical, apathetic fan base right now, and I don't blame them one bit. KevinPS: I'm not blaming UGa fans, or even the ND fans who sold their tickets. I lay the blame at the feet of the people who are charging premium prices for what is now a mediocre product two decades on. Irishflu92: Sitting next to a UGa fan in the airport to fly out of Chicago, I heard him ask, "Why would an ND fan sell his ticket to a UGa fan? Why wouldn't he go to that game? That sure won't happen when ND comes to town in 2019." I didn't have an answer for those questions. MyIrish: I don't think embarrassed is what I feel. I was there and felt that with a full crowd we actually win. What I feel is disappointment. NDFaninMadtown: MyIrish, that is absurd. Has zero bearing on outcome, and once the game started the players barely noticed, trust me. ND couldn't run the ball, and that was the difference in the game. Georgia's crowd didn't make any tackles, and for much of that game they were quiet. I take it as a sign of respect that so many UGa fans came. SaintPat: Pretty simple, everyone is to blame: • Notre Dame is to blame for hiking up season ticket prices, which is why so many former families no longer have season tickets. This is the first time I remember there being so many tickets available for games at face value outside of the premium games. • Brian Kelly and the football team are to blame for putting up such a s- season last year. • Season ticket holders are to blame for selling tickets for profit or to offset the ridiculous cost of tickets. • Alumni are to blame for selling their lottery tickets. Why even get them? • The average "subway alum" and Alum on here is to blame for screaming for years about wanting ND to bring in a Video Board and enhance the expe- rience of the stadium but don't want to donate a dime to ND or buy season tickets to help pay for it. Even donating $100 to the Rockne Heritage Fund gets you a chance to buy tickets at the pre-sale. If your response is "ND has plenty of money and doesn't need mine," see my first point. And if you couldn't get UGa tickets, why are there so many other games available? How do we not have 79,000 fans to fill 7 games per year? I am a Subway Alum/Season Ticket Holder and was there standing and yell- ing the entire game. Section 17, row 18. With Georgia fans filling Notre Dame Stadium in droves Sept. 9, many Fighting Irish fans said the university also was culpable for it happening. PHOTO COURTESY UGASPORTS.COM

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