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Page 24 of 47 FEBRUARY 2018 25 NOTRE DAME HEAD COACH BRIAN KELLY … On how he would depict the quarterback position moving forward: "We're very talented at the quarterback position. Ian [Book] showed today, Brandon [Wimbush] showed that he's very capable of running [our offense]. He had 30 touchdowns this year — 30 touchdowns. "So, we are just very deep at the quarterback position and very fortunate that we have him." On what success looks like next season after 10 wins: "Every year our mission is to play for a national champi- onship, but we've built this to continue that process and work towards being one of those four teams that are part of the playoffs. "But as I was reminded yesterday, we hadn't won a New Year's game in like 752 years, so we've done that. We won a close game, so we've done that. "There are strides that you make as you're building yourself toward being a playoff team, and today was a nice stride toward that." NOTRE DAME SOPHOMORE QUARTERBACK IAN BOOK … On mindset of team in fourth quarter: "Just to stay composed. … We knew it was going to be a close game. LSU is a great team, but we just had to stay composed and do what we have been doing since [last] January. "The team did a great job at that, and we came out on top." On if he can put into perspective what was going through his mind after helping the team to a win: "Not really. It's so surreal. There's really no way to describe it, but I couldn't ask for anything more. "It's just the best way to start this New Year, and defi- nitely with the people that I want to start it with." NOTRE DAME JUNIOR WIDE RECEIVER MILES BOYKIN … On his one-handed catch for the winning touchdown and if it was instincts: "Ian put it in place where only I could reach it. It was a great pass, and I was just lucky enough to pull it down on one hand. "I've got pretty big hands." NOTRE DAME FRESHMAN WIDE RECEIVER MICHAEL YOUNG … On his first career touch- down catch: "I saw the outside linebacker was reading me and Book. He was looking back and checking for me, and I know he had to make a decision because Ian was rolling out. "So, as soon as he did that, I slid behind him and luckily Ian was able to find me." NOTRE DAME SENIOR LEFT GUARD QUENTON NELSON … On his decision to return for the 2017 season: "I'm definitely satisfied. It paid off for me tremendously be- cause I got another year to be coached by Coach [Harry] Hiestand, the best offensive line coach in the country. "His teaching made me improve more … It was also amazing to play with these guys another year." NOTRE DAME FIFTH-YEAR SENIOR OFFENSIVE TACKLE MIKE MCGLINCHEY … On singing the Alma Mater one final time: "It was as emotional as it gets. Our school is so fantastic. The traditions that we have and the fans we have are just so special, and my last time singing that song, it's really emotional. "I love this place. I love Notre Dame. I love my team- mates, and to know that this is now over for me is pretty tough to swallow. I'll cherish my time here. I've made the best friends, had some of the best coaches. "Notre Dame gives you everything, and I've certainly tried to take advantage of that." NOTRE DAME JUNIOR LINEBACKER TE'VON CONEY … On next step if he decides to return for senior sea- son: "If I do come back it would be to make sure I'm continuing to follow the traits and continuing to do the right things Coach is always preaching about each and every day. "Mainly, just pushing those younger guys to keep them growing. The older guys that were here before me always stayed on me and made sure I continued to grow." On younger players he likes: "I definitely think [Jeremiah] Owusu, Jamir Jones and Jonathan Jones — those guys put a lot of work, each and every one, behind the scenes that a lot of people don't know about. "I'm excited for those guys to get their chance to go out there and shine and do great things as well." NOTRE DAME SOPHOMORE CORNERBACK JULIAN LOVE … On what the win does for him: "It excites us to go to work every day and to work out and to run and to do the things nec- essary to be even more success- ful next year. "If we had lost today, that mo- rale isn't there. You feel sorry for yourself and all that stuff. It's a win, and we're happy to send the seniors out. It's a plea- sure to play with them, and it's great going forward." — Corey Bodden FROM THE LOCKER ROOM Freshman wide receiver Michael Young, a Louisiana native, caught his first career touchdown pass against LSU. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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