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November 2011

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������ inside michigan athletics ���Losing faith? I guess that���s happened in the past, but that���s not going to happen anymore, and I���m not going to allow that.��� ��� David Molk on why the Wolverines will avoid a third consecutive second-half collapse They Said It ��� Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges on replacing starting quarterback Denard Robinson ���I don���t claim to be the smartest guy in the world, but I���m not taking 300 yards of total offense out of the game.��� ���I know I always felt no matter what the score was with Marino, we were always in the game. He made it exciting. You never felt like you were out of it. I���m sure Belichick feels the same way about Brady, and with good reason.��� ��� Don Shula on New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick���s confidence in former Wolverine quarterback Tom Brady ���The leadership on this team is something special. This senior class has come together When times are good, it���s easy to be a leader. When times are bad, that���s when leaders have to step up and show the way.��� ��� Michigan senior defensive tackle Mike Martin on the team���s senior leadership ���I���ve never seen a human being move as well as that Ben Braden at this level. I was standing on that field and I didn���t feel good about putting my kids in front of him.��� ��� Lowell High School head coach Noel Dean on Michigan offensive lineman commit Ben Braden ���Leadership is plural, it���s not going to be just one guy out there screaming at everybody. Everyone has to take accountability for themselves and hold their teammates accountable.��� ��� Senior point guard Stu Douglass on multiple Wolverines exuding leadership early in the 2011-12 preseason ���It���s not a marketing and merchandise strategy, it was to fire up the team as far as our own competitive edge. I���m glad we did it. It worked out well, but like everything else, some people love it, some don���t love it.��� ��� Michigan athletics director David Brandon on Michigan���s surprise alternate jersey revealed during the Oct. 15 contest with Michigan State ���All I know is that when he���s gone in there, he���s played without a conscience.��� ��� Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison on freshman cornerback Blake Countess���s play throughout the first half of the season photo by lon horwedel ���Everybody thought the weight would slow him down, but he���s moving really efficient. He���s stronger, getting offensive rebounds in practice ��� a totally different player.��� ��� Sophomore shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. on the progress of sophomore big man Evan Smotrycz ���We told our players, you should taste that for quite a while. That game will not leave us, not for a year.��� ��� Michigan defensive coordinator Greg Mattison on the Wolverines��� 28-14 loss to in-state rival Michigan State ���There���s games I���ll never get over losing. There���s games in the fourth grade that I lost that I still think about and say, ���You���ve got to be kidding me.��� ��� Senior forward Zack Novak on his unrelenting competitiveness ���If you focus on becoming bowl eligible, you focus on winning six games, and that���s not the Michigan standard. Winning six games is a failure of a season by anybody���s standards that played here, went here or coached here. ���We���re focused on a Big Ten championship. We���re focused on BCS bowl games.��� ��� Fifth-year senior defensive tackle Ryan Van Bergen on the importance of winning six games to earn bowl eligibility November 2011��� ������ the wolverine��� 19

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