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Nov. 26, 2018

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Page 28 of 55 NOV. 26, 2018 29 NOTRE DAME HEAD COACH BRIAN KELLY … On facing USC next week and what could be on the line: "Our guys know who they're playing, and clearly it's a rivalry game for us. They know what it will take. "Each and every week, this group has been so good at staying in the moment, staying week to week. I know you hate when I talk in these terms, but they have done a great job with their process, and their preparation from week to week has been [great]. "You can't win all of your 11 games unless you stick with your process and avoid the noise and do all those things. This group does a great job with it." NOTRE DAME JUNIOR QUARTERBACK IAN BOOK … On being the quarterback of an undefeated squad: "I feel fortunate to be in this position and to be able to play the game I've loved since I was young with the guys I love. "We don't create more pressure for ourselves." NOTRE DAME FIFTH-YEAR SENIOR CENTER SAM MUSTIPHER … On what he credits the team's November ascension to: "Our preparation. Guys believe in it. We have a pro- cess, and we've stuck with it. We didn't get to November and were like, 'We have to change something.' "When the rankings came out we didn't say, 'That's important right now.' It was, 'Let's just keep doing what we've been doing, and we'll have something to look back upon.'" NOTRE DAME FIFTH-YEAR SENIOR LINEBACKER DRUE TRANQUILL … On if he feels the team is better than in September and October: "I think we're better. I think the score re- flects that today. We had closer games in September and October where we didn't come out in the third quarter and step on their throats like we did today. "I see improvement in that one area." NOTRE DAME JUNIOR CORNERBACK JULIAN LOVE … On the emergence of the safety play: "It's huge. We all rely on each other, and we knew their time was com- ing. It's tough on me personally to see that, but everyone talks that they aren't talented. "They are, and they are showing it this year. Alohi [Gilman] is such a big-play factor for us. Jalen [Elliott] has been doing it all season. It really helps us out … "That's something we haven't seen from a Notre Dame defense in a couple years." NOTRE DAME JUNIOR SAFETY JALEN ELLIOTT … On his first-quarter interception: "It was a flat route, and I was about to drop off to the post. I read the quar- terback's eyes a little bit and just broke on the ball. "The defensive line had pressure on him all night and was really forcing him to get the ball out quick and the back seven was stopping the run. It made my job easy. They just needed me to go make the play." NOTRE DAME JUNIOR SAFETY ALOHI GILMAN … On his first interception: "It was just a one-high call. Drue did a great job disguising it. I was the post player, and I knew the quarterbacks liked to throw it to the weak seam, so I kind of leaned to that side. "He threw to that side, and I made a play on the ball." SYRACUSE HEAD COACH DINO BABERS … On attempting field goals late near the goal line: "It's really simple. We could run another play and we could even score a touchdown, and then maybe even do an onside kick. And maybe score another touchdown. But we're not going to win. That's one scenario. "The other thing is that when you're running those plays you have a chance to get people hurt. We can get somebody hurt on the play. Notre Dame can get some- body hurt on the play. The score did not matter right there. It was just run out, kick a field goal, keep your guys healthy and move on to the next game." — Corey Bodden and David McKinney FROM THE LOCKER ROOM Head coach Brian Kelly has been pleased with his team's ability to "avoid the noise" and focus on its week-to-week preparation. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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