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June 2013

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role model Dan Lantz Has Successfully Balanced Being A Member Of The UVa Lacrosse Program And The ROTC O By Whitelaw Reid ver the last few years, whenever Virginia lacrosse coach Dom Starsia has had one of his players tell him that there wasn't enough time in the day to do something, he's had a go-to response. Starsia simply points to Dan Lantz and says something to the effect of, "If Dan Lantz has the time to do it, you have the time to do it." Lantz is a student. Lantz is in the ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps). Lantz has a part-time job. Lantz is in a fraternity. Somehow, the fourth-year from Delaware managed to squeeze in several hours a week for lacrosse over the last three years. "I use him as beacon to other guys," Starsia said. "I say, 'Here's what's possible, don't tell me you're too busy.'" Lantz, an all-state lacrosse player in high school, came to Virginia on a full Army ROTC scholarship. After his first year in school, he realized that he missed playing and subsequently made the Cavaliers as a walk-on. "I had a little itch for a little more, just to give it a try, and tell my 40-year-old self that I at least gave it an effort," Lantz said. "I was very, very fortunate that it happened to work out for me." As a second-year, Lantz was part of the 2011 UVa squad that captured the NCAA championship. "That was a pretty cool icing on the cake, and that championship means a lot," Lantz said, "but I don't know that it trumps the experience of just being out here every day for a really once-in-alifetime opportunity that a lot of people really don't have the chance to experience. "It's enjoying the little things that really make it worth running down that hill every day." Lantz, who has appeared in seven games during his career, is always the first player on the practice field and almost always engages Starsia in a discussion about current events. "He's one of those kids you just love seeing on the field every day," Starsia said. "He's just a really interesting guy. He's got great perspective on life and sports. "He knew he wasn't going to be a game-day

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