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  from our readers Hailing The AD Dear The Wolverine: High atop Mount Olympus in the Michigan Pantheon stand the statues of the paragons of the Michigan athletics directors — Yost, Crisler, Canham and Schembechler. After reading your "Inside Michigan Athletics" article in the May 2013 edition, I believe it is time and appropriate to initiate the "Brandon Era." Since his entrance to the position in 2010, he has not only finished the upgrading of the crown jewels of the athletic facilities (The Big House and Crisler Arena) but has added multiple upgrades and new facilities to the athletic plant. And what is significant is that this has included the often-overlooked non-revenue-generating sports. He entered the office and made an administrative sweep and brought in fresh minds and instilled an attitude of hiring coaches that believe in his other business world attitude — that there is nothing better than winning. All of the above have produced a great year in student-athlete ac-   From Our Web Site • I'm sorry, but when I look at Michigan's 2013 football schedule, all I see are Ws. I know some of the moderators have forecasted a Notre Dame loss, though I feel the Wolverines are going to be ready for that game, and I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to the Michigan/O$U game to see who wins the big whatever. I think Devin Gardner is going to be the difference and I couldn't be more psyched on how this team is going to look this fall. skahty • I keep coming back to the interior offensive line. Can it move people? If so, I like our chance a lot against anyone. If not, this year resembles last year. mark78 • Me too, I keep trying to see it otherwise but it all comes back to a lot of wins. All wins with one egg against a team that is not Notre Dame, Ohio or Michigan State — 12-1, Big Ten Championship game and then BCS bowl. cwp • The next five years, who has better basketball recruiting, U-M or MSU? I have to say U-M. We seem like the hot program right now. I think Izzo had gotten a bit big for his britches. His player development has not been good at least early in players' careers. sherid29

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