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4 THE WOLVERINE MAY 2021 May 2021 • Vol. 32, No. 8 ISSN 1048-9940 Editor John Borton Editor Chris Balas Football Recruiting Writer EJ Holland Staff Writers Austin Fox Clayton Sayfie Drew Hallett Managing Editor Ryan Tice Contributing Editors Steve Downey Chris Riffer Layout And Design Jeanette Blankenship Chris Miller Contributing Photographers Lon Horwedel Per Kjeldsen Cover Photo Lon Horwedel Publisher Stu Coman Business Manager Linda Autry Marketing/Merchandise Manager Beverly Taylor Director Of Advertising Michelle Delee-Hamilton Customer Service Cathy Jones, Laura Thornton The Wolverine is published monthly. A one- year (12 issues) subscription is $56.99. The Wolverine is printed at The Papers in Milford, Ind. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Wolverine, P.O. Box 2331, Durham, NC 27702. Periodical postage paid at Durham, NC 27702 and additional offices. For advertising or subscription information, call 1-800-421-7751 or write The Wolverine, P.O. Box 2331, Durham, NC 27702. The Wolverine is a publication of Coman Publishing Company, 905 W. Main St, Suite 24F, Durham, NC 27701. E-Mail Address: Subscription questions: Website: On where wideout Nico Collins and other Wolverine hopefuls will be drafted … • Nico Collins is 6-4, 210-plus pounds, ran a 4.4 40 and averaged just under 20 yards per catch in his final season despite shaky quarterback play. I don't see any way he gets past round two. C a m e r o n M c G r o n e a n d A m b r y Thomas are tougher calls. I doubt that anyone likes either in their top 50 play- ers, but I'm pretty sure that some teams have both guys in their top 100. So who else will be left when those teams choose in rounds three and four? Another top-100 prospect, or are those all gone? That's why the middle-round guys are so tough to predict. If you as- semble every team's second 50, the ag- gregate list probably has 300 (or more) names on it. The difference between going in round three and six can be a crapshoot. martyk • Nico is really good. His 40 speed was the only thing that could have been held against him in my opinion, but he killed that too [at his pro day workout]. thacatalyst • He was undervalued at Michigan. When you have a player like him, we should have utilized that mismatch he had on DBs much, much more than we did. mtj2317 • Sounds like it. Measurables can't be taught, and I don't remember hear- ing about an attitude problem. Lots of scheme and coaching changes during Collins' time here probably also stymied his development. klemaster • Bet he goes late second round. Some team will want that big-body type re- ceiver. He's got a great future ahead of him. beELITEStrombo • Cannot remember a WR since Bray- lon [Edwards] I felt more confident in coming down with a contested pass. That's a kid who used his size beyond effectively, high-pointed the ball, and if he got his hands on it that was his. Great, great player that was criminally underused here. The deep post to Nico was borderline unstoppable. He's go- ing to carve out a nice role in the NFL for a long time. Seems like a really nice kid too. pestkan • It's a really deep WR draft. His mea- surables are favorable to even a guy like [two-time 1,000-yard NFL receiver Kenny] Golladay though. He should be gone by the third round in my opinion, but I've seen him projected all over the place. ConqueringHero On an April mock draft from ESPN listing Franz Wagner ninth overall to the Sacramento Kings and Isaiah Liv- ers 47th to the Brooklyn Nets … • I really hope Wagner doesn't end up with that dysfunctional mess of an or- ganization, even if it means dropping a couple spots to 11th (Toronto) or 12th (San Antonio). Brooklyn would seem to be a good spot for Livers, provided he can make the roster. All they really need is 3 and D guys at this point. JAYSS • Would be awesome to see Franz go that high. Trouten25 • Really hope Livers gets drafted. One of my all-time favorites at U-M. Harbaugh Hammer • I think it would be really fun to see [Wagner] on the Pelicans and play with Zion [ Williamson]. Franz really needs to develop his three-point shooting though. umbriago • I think Franz will work hard to de- velop, that's a big difference in the league versus college, you have to put in work. olindavisles • I'd rather see [Wagner] go lower and to a good team where he can be val- ued contributing in his own strengths. I think it would allow him to develop better and become better as a long- term player. But either way it's a bless- ing if he will be drafted there. cwp   FROM OUR WEBSITE: THEWOLVERINE.COM Join The Conversation! Use Code BLUE60 60-Day Free Trial

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