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Sept. 17, 2022

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6 SEPT. 17, 2022 BLUE & GOLD ILLUSTRATED FAN FORUM CLEANING UP SOME OLD BUSINESS IMHO, BGI struck out in its Fiesta coverage. As an Oklahoma State gradu- ate and Irish fan, the game was a "win/ win." This was not close to a "level play- ing field." One squad was fully manned with a veteran coach in their "Game of the Century" — the other, a "patch- work" of missing parts with a new coach and half a staff plus their MVP opts out. It was more a "Fiasco" Bowl, but you guys instead compared it to prior fully manned ND embarrassments — say what? You forgot to note the irony that OSU was in the game because without their top RB they lost by inches to Bay- lor. Do you doubt the Irish lose with Williams? This was a great opportunity to ex- pose the "diluted/broken" bowl season making "exhibitions" of most bowls. My Cowboys' nice win unfortunately was tarnished by "fool's gold." Troy Commando Southern California P.S. Generally, I like your Irish cover- age. It is the best. Cheer, cheer, Irish Cowboy. OHIO STATE BIAS? Anyone notice that Herbie & Fowler were almost giddy when the tide turned in the fourth quarter? No mention good or bad of Notre Dame for final 30 min- utes of the ABC broadcast. Tony Ardizzone Indianapolis BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007, Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: Tyler Buchner's starting debut at Ohio State ended with a 21-10 loss Sept. 3, but many Fighting Irish were encouraged by what they saw from the sopho- more quarterback. Here is a sampling of their opinions from our message board at Bobbyo: He would have done better with good line blocking, that's where the game was lost. evilquik: He is taking a ton of heat but honestly I thought all things consid- ered, he didn't play terrible. The man had little time most plays. He was run- ning for his life. He could have made some better decisions under pressure, i.e., throwing the ball away, etc. He didn't make mistakes via turnover so that has to be seen as a great thing. First start and it's on the road in a ridiculous environment. I've long thought there isn't a more boisterous and prideful fan base then OSU. That is a very tough assignment for the kid. It would have been nice to have had a tune-up game before the Luckeyes. All in all, I think the trajectory of the program is clearly headed in an upward direction. MikeyGalv: Positive: he can take a hit. Negatives: just about everything else. That said, the schedule, his coach and teammates did not put him in posi- tion to succeed so I'm trying to hold off judgment until the end of the month. SDS123: As Tim Hyde said, he didn't cough up the ball. That was good. He hung in there but didn't demonstrate any mind-blowing moxie. Journeyman in this game. I can't predict if he will break out. Bostonirish: He needs a running game, offensive line play and receivers. Let's see what kind of offensive identity they come with against Marshall. NJNative140: Tough to really judge him. But overall, in the Horseshoe he didn't embarrass himself. Stroud didn't really outplay him by much consider- ing all his talent and expectations. Irishfan88: It was his first career start at the Horseshoe against a national title contender. He played well. Yeah he missed some opportunities but so did the rest of the offense. Kid could have folded, and we could have gotten blown out, but he didn't. He's got a bright future. Rockne1988: Considering the line was piss poor, his receivers gave him nearly no help, no running game (because O-line sucked), running for his life back there, sacked and pressured constantly, Mayer wasn't the safety blanket we had hope for that night. Started 8/8 no picks, first start, on the road No. 2 team and in a very hostile environment I thought decent. He didn't lose the game for us that's for sure. BeePee3: I don't feel any better or worse about him at this point. Was figur- ing on him coughing up a fumble and an INT but he didn't, so good on that. A couple times we had to use a timeout I believe. He's not quite as fast or as shifty as I thought he was, which is more noticeable with elite athletes, which is not as good. Passing — who knows … was not a great sample to consider. LeprechaunMagic: I thought he did OK, all in all, for the reasons stated. I do wonder about his somewhat sidearm throwing motion. But, I do not recall any of his passes in the pocket being batted down by the DL. Would have been nice if this had been the third game of the season. Buchner was really thrown into the fire on Saturday night and survived pretty well. JOIN THE CONVERSATION AT BLUEANDGOLD.COM! GET ONE YEAR FOR JUST $1 FROM THE WEBSITE .com .com Sophomore Tyler Buchner was unable to lead Notre Dame to victory at Ohio State in his first game as the program's starting quarterback, but he showed enough to impress many Irish fans. PHOTO BY CHAD WEAVER

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