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Upon Further Review todd D. burlage Even Recruiting Is Bigger In Texas Co-defensive coordinator Kerry Cooks, a native of Irving, Texas, said that to enjoy sustained success the Irish need to be able to recruit effectively in the Lone Star State. W hen it comes to marketing his football program and delivering his team to the places it needs to be, Jack Swarbrick isn't the type of athletics director to miss an opportunity. Notre Dame doesn't carry a huge program presence in the state of Texas, but a weekend in Arlington and some future scheduling endeavors are designed to change that. Everything is bigger in Texas, including its football, so bringing the Shamrock Series to AT&T Stadium for the game with Arizona State Oct. 5 is the best place yet for Notre Dame to create an important presence in this hotbed of prospective player talent. Irish co-defensive coordinator Kerry photo by lon horwedel Cooks is a native of Irving, Texas, and the man in charge of recruiting for Notre Dame in the Lone Star State. When asked about building and holding recruiting momentum in Texas — and within the SEC and the Big 12 regional footprints — Cooks said the mission is critical for any program wanting to compete for national championships. "If you want to enjoy sustained success in your program, you have to be able to pull some of the top players out of the state of Texas," Cooks explained. "If you want to win week in and week out, year in and year out, there are certain states you have to be in, and Texas may be the most important of all of them."

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