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in the trenches andrew owens Much 'APU' About Nothing? Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly said he will use the bye week to educate himself on the recent All Players United movement in college football. D uring college football's week four, a few players across the nation etched the initials "APU" (All Players United) on their arm tape and other gear with a Sharpie to call attention to apparent injustices perpetrated by the NCAA on student-athletes. Although only time will tell how far the ripple effect extends, players and coaches at Notre Dame know very little about it. The APU movement started with the National College Players Association, which is directed by former UCLA player Ramogi Huma. On the organization's website, visitors are asked to sign a petition to "stand against unjust photo by bill panzica NCAA rules that leave college athletes without basic protections" and fight against forfeiting their rights to the NCAA. "I have not [talked to the players about it]," Irish head coach Brian Kelly said Sept. 26, less than a week after it emerged onto the national scene. "Maybe I've been negligent on it, but I really have been focused on my normal tasks on a day-to-day basis with our players. Maybe in the bye week I'll educate myself. "I mean this sincerely. I'll educate myself a little bit more on this because I really wasn't aware of it. I usually take my feed from the American Football

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