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fan forum Technical Fouls Brian Kelly's press conferences are like White House conferences. Reporters lob softballs, and if Kelly finds the question difficult he will talk in technical terms. "He didn't play because the situation didn't present itself." "We had to throw deep because they had heavy safeties with double linebacker drops using a three technique and a right tackle using a drop step over a guard using a body up …" And the reporters just say, "Oh, I didn't realize that." Here are few things I would like answered: 1) Why on third-and-one would you have an empty backfield with an immobile quarterback and a bevy of four-star running backs on the sideline? (Would not a back offer the threat of a run, be able to block, be able to swing out of the backfield, etc.?) 2) Why must you grip and rip just because they are in man-to-man defense? (Against man coverage is it impossible to run short routes?) 3) What good is the fact that Tommy Rees — who I just love to death — is be heard! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007 Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: Brian Kelly's press conferences don't always give the answers that Notre Dame fans want to hear. photo by joe raymond the only QB that understands Kelly's offense if he cannot execute the plays? He is our quarterback, but if he is having a miserable day, is it out of the question to have him watch for a series or two? I don't think the answer is technical. The answer is Kelly is stubborn and showed Coach Dantonio that if you play man, I will beat you deep even if it takes 34 attempts and the ballgame. Go Irish! Tony Ardizzone Indianapolis Mr. Ardizzone, those are fair inquiries

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