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4 ■ THE WOLFPACKER ■ WOLFPACK CLUB NEWS COMPLIANCE CORNER WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING IS TRUE REGARDING AN UNOFFICIAL VISIT? A.) Prospect can have contact with coaches and student- athletes at an off-campus practice/competition site without it counting as an off-campus contact. B.) Prospect can have a meal at an off-campus practice site as long as the prospect pays for his/her own meal. C.) Prospect can receive transportation to an off-campus practice/competition site. D.) All of the above. The answer is D. NCAA Staff Interpretation- 5/26/10- Ac- tivities at an Off-Campus Practice or Competition Facil- ity during an Unofficial Visit (I)- states that the following activities at an off-campus practice or competition facility are permissible during an unofficial visit, provided the prospective student-athlete visits the institution's campus during the unofficial visit: a.) The unofficial visit may begin or end at an off-campus practice or competition facility (e.g., golf course, boathouse); b) The prospective student-athlete is permitted to eat a meal at an off-campus practice or competition facility, provided he or she pays the actual cost of the meal; and c.) Contact during the unofficial visit between institutional staff members or student-athletes and the prospective student- athlete at an off-campus practice or competition facility is not considered an off-campus contact. NCAA Bylaw 13.5.3 states that during any unofficial recruiting visit, the institution may provide the prospective student-athlete with transportation to view practice and competition sites in the prospective student-athlete's sport and other institutional facilities and to attend a home athletics contest at any local facility. An institutional staff member must accompany the prospective student-athlete during such a trip. Payment of any other transportation expenses, shall be con- sidered a violation. [R] (Revised: 1/11/89, 4/27/00, 3/10/04, 4/28/05, 1/9/06 effective 8/1/06, 4/27/06) Maintaining compliance is essential to the success of our athletic programs and we ask for your help in making sure the NC State is operating within the rules. "ASK BEFORE YOU ACT" by contacting NC State Athletic Compliance directly. Toll Free: 1-855-5 COMPLY (1-855-526-6759) Text: 919-675-4424 Email: Online: Experience Luxury at Carter-Finley Stadium! Vaughn Towers is one of the best ways to watch a Wolfpack football game at Carter-Finley Stadium. Entertain clients, colleagues, friends and family in the hospitality of Dail Club seats or a luxury suite. Dail Club seats include unlimited food and beverages. All suites include 20 game tickets and 4 parking passes. All areas of Vaughn Towers include premium amenities in a climate-controlled environment. Contact Kelley Catlett, Premium Seating Manager, at (919) 865-1430 or for more information and to secure your seats today! Opponent Suite Dail Club Seats Syracuse $8,000 $350 UNC* $10,000 $500 *limited availability JANUARY 1 Baseball Ticket Order Deadline MARCH 1 Football Priority Giving Deadline MAY 15 Football Season Ticket Deadline AUGUST 1 Basketball Priority Giving Deadline SEPTEMBER 15 Basketball Season Ticket Deadline NOVEMBER 1 Football Postseason Giving Deadline DECEMBER 31 Annual Donation Deadline/ Baseball Priority Giving Deadline/ ACC Tournament Priority Giving Deadline WOLFPACK CLUB/ TICKET DEADLINE

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