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NOVEMBER 2015 ■ 85 WOLFPACK BASKETBALL PREVIEW 2015-16 transferred in from LSU, and sat out a year per NCAA rules. He envisioned one kind of Wolfpack team when he arrived, but then the roster went through a total overhaul and the program took on a different look. He came off the bench at first, but then fought his way into the starting lineup and never looked back. Combo guard Trevor Lacey of Huntsville, Ala., was the next transfer, arriving from Alabama. He used to play on the Alabama Challenge traveling team with Turner, and the latter was able to pass on what he learned during his year off from playing in real games. Lacey went on to become a second-team All-ACC performer last year. The next two transfers to arrive were North Caro - lina natives Terry Henderson from West Virginia and To- rin Dorn from Charlotte, who the Wolfpack staff had watched in high school. Henderson is from Raleigh and played with former NCSU star T.J. Warren on the Garner Road traveling team and attended Neuse Christian Acad- emy, and Dorn is from Vance High and split time between Chris Paul All-Stars and Team Loaded VA. Henderson arrived and benefitted from both Lacey and Turner still being in the program. Now, it's Henderson's turn to pass on the advice to Dorn. "He's a great guy," Henderson said. "I just told him to not take the year off. I said, 'This is your year. You have this whole year to work on anything you need to get better with.' He's a smart guy and good academically, so that won't be a worry for him. He's going to help us next year." One of the major benefits of adding a transfer is they are already developed by the time they are eligible. The 6-6, 205-pound Dorn averaged 12.0 points and 3.7 re - bounds per game en route to being named the Confer- ence USA Freshman of the Year for Charlotte last season. Dorn entering his third year of college will likely be much further ahead than a good chunk of the top-100 players in the high school class of 2016. "I always knew I could play at this level," Dorn said. "Next year, I'll prove that I can play at this level. It has been fun competing. It is definitely different, playing high- level competition." Dorn valued being close to home in picking NC State over Miami the second time around. He has gotten the chance to watch his younger brother Myles Dorn play football at Vance this fall. The Wolfpack football coaches hope the younger Dorn joins Torin at NC State. "I'm able to get home and see what I want to see, and it's not that far to get back home," Dorn said. "It's still far enough away." He said it hasn't quite hit him that he'll be practicing but not playing this season. "It's starting to settle in," Dorn said. "It's all right, though, and I'll be patient." Dorn is looking forward to battling NCSU junior point guard Anthony Barber during practice. He wants to play both guard positions. "I definitely want to improve my three-point shot and make it more consistent," he said. "I didn't shoot it bad last year, but I think I can be a great shooter with a couple of tweaks. "I want to be able to pass, shoot and dribble, and play both the point guard and the wing. Whatever is needed to help the team win." Dorn has transformed his body since his days at Vance High, which goes into why college coaches like transfers. Some of the work is already done in becoming contribut - ing players. "I came into Charlotte at 185 pounds, and now I'm at 205 and almost 210," Dorn said. "It has just been the weight room and hard work. It has definitely added to my game. I'm more physical now and can get to the basket." Cardinal International Trucks 1526 South Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27603 (919) 832-5871

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