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FAN FORUM THE REST OF THE STORY As a longtime subscriber to Blue & Gold Illustrated, I am grateful for the excellent job that your publication does. I particularly enjoy the retro- spective articles like your recent one on the Notre Dame/NBC contract that occurred 25 years ago. You may have been striving to be diplomatic, but a couple of revealing details of the saga were omitted. With respect to the reaction by other universities to the contract, the quote "Surprise. Shock. Greed" by then Georgia athletics director Vince Dooley must rank with "I'm shocked, shocked that there's gambling going on here" in hypocrisy. The University of Georgia was one of the two plaintiffs in the lawsuit that changed the broadcast landscape, yet Dooley was able to feign shock that Notre Dame was utilizing the Su- preme Court ruling that resulted from Georgia's suit. The other missing detail concerns Gene Corrigan (Notre Dame's athletic BE HEARD! Send your letters to: Letters Blue & Gold Illustrated P. O. Box 1007 Notre Dame, IN 46556 or e-mail to: FROM THE WEBSITE The initial College Football Playoff poll released Nov. 3 with Notre Dame at No. 5, surprising many Fighting Irish faithful. Most suspected the Irish would be in the Nos. 8-12 range. Equally surprising to many was there was not much of an outcry nationally among media mem- bers that Notre Dame might have been rated too high. Here was some of the discourse on the topic on the message board: ScrapOD: Nothing I have seen or read is criticizing the selection of The Fighting Irish going in at #5. ND is getting a lifetime of publicity over all of this. GoldenJudge: That is interesting. Not often that the media supports ND in anything. Tommy 2067: Most of the national media sees the committee's ranking philosophy as putting pressure on the schools to schedule more competitive games. I think most of the media supports that. Epscoet: People are finally realizing that ND's schedule is tough. The play all across the USA, no division 2 teams and different types of offenses. VandyPete: Surprised, but when you look at the facts shouldn't be with the No. 14 strength of schedule: Beat USC who beat Utah Beat Texas who beat Oklahoma Beat GT who beat FSU Mes34: The media seems to like us more than our fan base likes us. We are regarded as a well-balanced team, but many of our fans still come and ask for our D Coordinator to be fired, as well as Coach Kelly. This is a really good team capable of beating anyone in college football. I just think our fan base is always waiting for that really bad thing to happen instead of enjoying where we are. I'm a Cubs fan, so I know the symptoms well.

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