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FAN FORUM director from 1981-87). To attribute his failure to pursue such a contract solely to concern for the well being of others is at best incomplete. Mr. Corrigan had expressed con- cern that Notre Dame football might be overexposed. So, he entered into a game of the week arrangement with schools such as Boston College and Syracuse. Corrigan achieved his goal: preventing those living in the East from viewing most Notre Dame home games. Needless to say, we were not grateful. While Corrigan may have been popular with his fellow athletic directors, his decision did not benefit his employer or the alumni. Robert Metz Via the Internet SECONDING THE MOTION I was thrilled to see Mr. Gary Ross' letter in the Oct. 12 edition regarding the need to have Notre Dame people in the NBC booth for home games. The lack of enthusiasm for my wonderful Alma Mater during game-time broad- casting has gone on too long. For many years I brought Illinois Auburn High School football play- ers/students to Notre Dame games. I wanted them to feel the camarade- rie of the team, school and coaches. I made sure that they experienced the excitement and enthusiasm of game day. I wanted them to feel the unity of the school, from Mass to the pregame activities, from the players' walk to the awe-inspiring band. It is important, whether at the game or watching it on television, that they can feel the spirit of Notre Dame. If those who are broadcasting cannot bring this to fruition, a change should be made for the good of Notre Dame. I believe that the right people would keep the momentum and drive go- ing forward for the players, coaches, fans and alumni. It could even inspire America's youth to consider Notre Dame in their future, long after the end of game time. John S. Narmont Springfield, Ill. A common complaint among Notre Dame fans regarding NBC's broadcast of every home game is that the network does not employ announcers with backgrounds at the university. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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