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age (67.4), but was only 12‑of‑31 (38.7 percent) passing versus the Irish. Plus, Notre Dame recorded a sack on a flea flicker and also had good coverage on an incomplete pass thrown by wide re‑ ceiver Tyler Boyd on another trick play. Yet despite all those positives, the most lasting image was that of another breakdown on the back end when Boyd caught a window‑dressing 51‑ yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter with the Irish leading 42‑17 and five minutes remaining. As Boyd zipped past him, Russell was pointing to Redfield that it was his responsibil‑ ity to pick him up … but too little, too late. Scouting reports have appeared to "target" Russell as the weak link to at‑ tack, but Irish head coach Brian Kelly has come to his defense. Just like the greatest hitters in Major League Base‑ Senior cornerback KeiVarae Russell has been inconsistent this season while shaking off the rust of a one- year hiatus, but he did come up with game-clinching interceptions versus USC and Temple. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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