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FAN FORUM the administration, the team and the fans. What kind of example is he set- ting for the young men and women of this university? Yes indeed, Coach Kelly, we are all due an apology from you whether you think so or not. A 15-yard penalty is nothing compared to the damage you did to tarnish the image of the University of Notre Dame. You have displayed similar behavior towards players, and we can all read your lips. Stand up and be a man, own up to your mistake and turn things around. Nancy Fairbanks Marietta, Ga. FROM THE WEBSITE Playoff fever hit a crescendo among Notre Dame faithful when the Fighting Irish were ranked No. 4 by the College Football Playoff com- mittee Nov. 10. To many, that meant Notre Dame controlled its own destiny to make the four-team playoff. Others weren't so sure. It's a topic that became popular on, with a small sampling here: Juanholtz: Win and Notre Dame is in the playoffs for sure. Now that the committee has placed ND #4, we can't lose. All I've heard the players say is, "we still have a goal to accomplish" after every game. Well, it has now been placed at your feet. RichStarkey: Art Briles said the same about Baylor. A lot of that going around. NDCorby: If Alabama wins out, Clemson wins out and the Big 10 champ and Big XII champ are unde- feated, ND will not be in the playoff. So ND does not control its destiny. Being 4 today doesn't mean they can't get jumped. That's precisely what happened last year. Mcmahent: Do you not understand what is going on? The committee has no idea about the strength of the Big XII because they haven't played anyone. So an undefeated Big XII team might be the best team in an average at best conference. PortND: I still think Baylor could jump ND if they win out impressively. Rpm912: If Notre Dame struggles with Wake Forest or Boston College, don't be surprised if they get jumped. Tommy1380: These are the only teams that control their own destiny: Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Iowa, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Florida. Twalsh: We are still subject to what other teams do or don't do. In that context, No. 4 this week is not materially different from No. 5 last week. People need to relax. PreTill: As Kirk Herbstreit stated, they will not keep us out if we win out. Same thing the announcers said at the Pitt game. These professionals know the score. ND doesn't get left out. Watch and see. BGI User 2232: You can screw yourself into the ground trying to handicap possible outcomes. Time could be more profitably spent trying to estimate the age of the universe. The scenario will change each week. Predicting outcomes is fool's gold. Sit back, have a beer and just watch it unfold. Want to stay up-to-date with all the Irish news? Like Us On Facebook: Follow Us On Twitter:

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