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Oct. 9, 2017

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Page 6 of 55 OCT. 9, 2017 7 FAN FORUM FROM THE WEBSITE Notre Dame's 3-1 start renewed optimism among many Fighting Irish faith- ful that head coach Brian Kelly's supposed hot seat has cooled. Others on our website said it's premature and the season still needs to play out. Here's a small sample: Holtzera: I applaud Kelly for accepting responsibility and making the nec- essary corrections. He also appears to have hired "the right" coaches. Also kudos to Jack Swarbrick for giving the green light. We can all ask "why it had to come to a 4-8 season in order to make these changes." As Yogi Berra used to say "I don't look back — there is no future in it." RRHI: Win 10 games. Storch: What I really wasn't sure about last season was whether he cared about being here. People do a better job when they really want to be in their job. His overhaul of the program and change in attitude suggest to me that he has decided to give it an all-out effort to be successful here. IrishGoat: We can turn the burner down to 'Medium/Low-simmer,' but let's not let the supper on the stove get cold. PreTill2: In 2014 we were 7-1, including a huge beat down of Michigan and a close loss on the road to FSU. A certain someone who likes to tell you how right he was about Brian VanGorder started a thread after the FSU game about how great of a hire he was. We went 1-4 the rest of the way, including an embarrassing loss to Northwestern. Maybe we should let this season play out? With that said, I don't think his seat was nearly as hot as some wanted. Cripedt96: If the season does end up being a success, I want to see whether or not ND can string together successful years or if they revert back to another mediocre season. A lot of the Kelly-has-turned-the-corner talk has been said before, and he may very well have this time, but only to return to poor play. Buck25: BK will be in the hot seat all year no matter how many he wins. He's been given a second chance, and so far he's doing okay. This is a different team now that Swarbrick stood up and got some stuff done. FALL FAVORITES FOR THE LITTLE IRISH FAN shop youth & infant apparel Head coach Brian Kelly started off the 2017 campaign on a much more promising note, but the back half of the schedule is expected to present bigger challenges. PHOTO BY BILL PANZICA

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