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MARCH 2018 THE WOLVERINE 5   FROM OUR READERS by this class, then fit them for a straight jacket, because they're delusional. But, again, what are the coaches supposed to say? They can't claim they are disap- pointed or upset publicly, that's a bad look to this class and for future recruits. ILikeJakeButtICannotLie • Sobering stuff, and there's no doubt that this recruiting class looks like a very rough one from where we sit today, by Michigan standards. Even so, let's try to remember that as much as stars clearly do "matter" at the macro level (from the standpoint that highly ranked recruiting classes tend to lead to winning teams over time), there's nothing right now that guaran- tees this group of players won't end up being outstanding as a whole. I'm not saying I'd rather have a class of Plan C players than a class stacked high with 4-star and 5-star top targets. All else equal, I'd rather have the latter. I'm just saying: let's allow this thing to play out over the next 3-5 years to see how these kids actually end up doing. wolverineluke • Disappointing class this year. Great classes the prior two years. Have a great class next year and this is at worst a blip. I wouldn't be shocked if the coaches ac- tually got good players who are joining a team that already has a lot of talent. bluetown • This class "maybe" had a slight chance of helping next year's team, but in reality we will feel it later. But, by all accounts, there are some studs in there and 2019 looks great with the likes of [five-star defensive end Christopher] Hinton (huge get!!!). Go Blue!! GDoc • Good stuff. IMO the talent evalua- tion abilities of Harbaugh and his staff will win out compared to those other classes. Only time will tell … dr. blue On ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi listing Michigan a No. 5 seed Feb. 19, the day after the win over Ohio State … • Win out the regular season, beat Ne- braska in the Big Ten Tournament, and I think we end up a 4/5 seed. Win the whole thing again and I think 3/4 is possible. Hail_Blue • Lunardi has us as a 5 now. If we win the last two road games, we are a lock for a 5 even if we lose after Nebraska. I think two wins this week plus a Nebraska win gives us a 4 in Detroit. We don't need to win the Big Ten Tournament to get a 4. rich_w • I am really hoping for a first-round Big Ten Tourney bye, but I don't see Nebraska losing any of their next two games (maybe PSU). With that said, I think Michigan will close out these next two with one up, and one down. Mtj2317 • We are on a collision course with MSU in the Big Ten Tourney semifinals. Sat- urday, March 3 at 2 p.m. Might want to keep those calendars free. SouthpawBlue6 • They need to win out to get a four. There won't be enough meat on the ré- sumé to command a four seed if they win from now until Saturday in New York. And even if they win out, it is extremely unlikely Michigan will get a pod in De- troit as a four seed. They won't gift Michi- gan a slot in Detroit and ship schools such as Purdue/Xavier/Cincinnati to Boise or San Diego when they are at least a full seed ahead of Michigan. Gumbo02 • Boy, not long ago we'd fret on this board whether UM would even make the tourney, now we're debating seeding. I like the current debates much better. Choir Boy On the hockey team's sweep of No. 1 Notre Dame Feb. 16 (4-2 win) and Feb. 18 (1-0 win) … • Not just a good win, but back-to-back good wins. Not often you sweep the No. 1 team in the country. detroit.dean • Huge win by the hockey team — this team looked dead and destined to finish below .500 a few weeks ago. Something clicked once [freshman defender] Quinn Hughes and [freshman forward] Josh Norris returned from World Juniors. Also helps we finally found a goalie in [sopho- more] Hayden Lavigne. To sweep the #1 team in the country in a home and home is quite amazing. This team has 9-10 draft picks, but were not playing up to that level. [Head coach Mel] Pearson in his first year was trying to create a blend of older USHL guys and elite 18- to 19-year-olds — it's finally com- ing together after a lot of up-and-down moments this year. Pearson was the right hire — now we need to take care of business next week- end vs. ASU, which is essentially the bas- ketball team playing Eastern Michigan twice in one weekend. SOHOAFFAIR • Good stuff. I will say about hockey you could see the team coming around in early January … The last time they played No. 1 Notre Dame, they lost both games, both by one goal — but they were toe to toe with them. The next weekend they swept at Minnesota … enough said. Had some little bumps, but the trajectory has been up. The fact that this team is win- ning with defense is a testament to the coaches and the kids for buying in. Brockman26 • What an amazing turnaround in one season by Mel. Sorry to pat myself on the back, but I said from the start he was the guy I wanted. Great coach who loves Michigan and is a big part of our tradition. Amaizingblue On former U-M football player Sam McGuffie competing in the bobsled at the Olympics … • Inspirational story. Go Sam. Go USA. scheins • Sat next to a guy from the bobsled team — they were on my flight last month. He talked about Sam's freak ath- leticism. But interestingly, he said Sam was the second-fastest guy on the team. ck_94 • Awesome that his family was waving the Michigan flag [during a TV broadcast]! jfrankevic Dear The Wolverine: I read that Ms. Gail Evans, your Circulation Manager will be retir- ing this February. Many times I have called or emailed her to dis- cuss a mailing issue or to renew my subscription. She has always treated me very kindly. She will be sorely missed. Ms. Evans, may your health and retirement be joy- ful. As always: Blue Blood Runs Deep — Go Blue!!!! John Hale Via the Internet

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