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4 THE WOLVERINE NOVEMBER 2018 A BIRTHDAY WISH COME TRUE Dear The Wolverine, I was at our bookstore here in Pa- ducah, Ky., before the season started and was checking out the football magazines and what catches my eye? Your magazine. This is a first, not only did I buy a magazine, but I have al- ready sent off my subscription. I just turned 60 years old a couple months ago, and my wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I said go to Michigan! I've been a Wolverine fan for about all my life and had never been to Mich- igan. My awesome wife came through for me. The day before we left we almost had to cancel because my mom has been in the hospital with kidney prob- lems and she took a turn for the worse. We were going to call it off, but she said, "no." She promised to be here when we got back, so we were off to Michigan. Seeing the Welcome To Michigan sign was great. I was really fired up when we got to Ann Arbor. The next day we couldn't make it to the stadium fast enough. I got a lot of pictures of The Big House, outside the stadium at least. A lot of people think I'm nuts to drive nine hours to see the outside of a stadium — I didn't think to check on getting a tour, but I'm happy with it. I did leave a nickel on a concrete slab outside Gate 2 in honor of my friend, fellow coworker and fellow Wolver- ine, Justin Nickel, who passed away last year. At work, we were the only Wolver- ine fans. We talked about going to the stadium and seeing a game, so it was only fitting to leave a nickel there. Sadly, my mom went from the hos- pital to hospice while we were gone and passed away two weeks later. She was awesome. I have Wolverine friends I stay in touch with, and one of my wife's co- workers is a Wolverine fan — the only time we stay in touch is during the season. Mike King Paducah, Ky. TEST TIME Dear The Wolverine, The next three games [Wisconsin, Michigan State and Penn State] are pop quizzes with the final exam on Nov. 24. What we learn in these three can apply to the last one. Grading out the remaining big games, probably unlikely is Michigan earning an A+ (four wins); a probable result is a B+ (three wins); even more probable is a C+ (two wins); the un- likely result is a D+ (one win); and an F (0 wins) is highly unlikely and unac- ceptable. The only cheating going on seems to be from the umpires and referees, tutoring the other team. It's happened twice already (one versus Northwest- ern and one versus Maryland). So here's a nice, juicy Maize/Golden Delicious apple to the powers to be. Good luck and GO BLUE!!! Bradley M. Woelmer Via the Internet TAKE NO TEAM FOR GRANTED Dear The Wolverine, If one were to ask the Michigan play- ers, do you take any team for granted, the answer would likely be no. Actions speak louder than words, or to express November 2018 • Vol. 30, No. 3 ISSN 1048-9940 Editor John Borton The Editor Chris Balas Football Recruiting Writer Brandon Brown Staff Writer Austin Fox Drew Hallett Editorial Intern Andrew Hussey Managing Editor Ryan Tice Contributing Editor Steve Downey Layout And Design Jeanette Blankenship Chris Miller Contributing Photographers Lon Horwedel Per Kjeldsen Cover Photo Lon Horwedel Publisher Stu Coman Business Manager Linda Autry Marketing/Merchandise Manager Beverly Taylor Director Of Advertising Michelle Delee-Hamilton Customer Service Cathy Jones, Gail Evans The Wolverine is published monthly. A one-year (12 issues) subscription is $52.99. The Wolverine is printed at The Papers in Milford, Ind. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Wolverine, P.O. Box 2331, Durham, NC 27702. Periodical postage paid at Durham, NC 27702 and additional offices. For advertising or subscription information, call 1-800-421-7751 or write The Wolverine, P.O. Box 1304, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. The Wolverine is a publication of Coman Publishing Company, 905 W. Main St, Suite 24F, Durham, NC 27701. E-Mail Address: Subscription questions: Website: Be Heard! Send your letters to: Wolverine Letters • P.O. Box 1304 Ann Arbor, MI 48106 Or e-mail: Letters may be edited for clarity or length.   FROM OUR READERS Fans hope that Michigan's 38-13 victory over Wisconsin Oct. 13 is the first of several big wins in the Wolverines' most crucial stretch of the season. PHOTO BY LON HORWEDEL

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