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  commitment profile Film Evaluation Strengths: Marshall is an explosive player off the edge. Although he does not have elite quickness, it is more than adequate to be a pass-rushing threat. He also has the athleticism to chase plays down from the backside. He has good size as a high school player, and a frame to add plenty more. By the time he plays in college, Marshall should be able to tip the scales at more than 260 pounds. From the weakside end position, that is great size. Areas of Improvement: Marshall will have to put in the work to reach his ideal size by the time he reaches college. Although he has the frame and work ethic to do so, it will require changes to his physique. Marshall relies on his athleticism and size to succeed in high school, and will have to refine his technique to be successful in college. His physical gifts won't be enough to guarantee success at the next level, and he will have to learn under Michigan's coaches in order to be an impact player in college. Michigan Player Comparison: Tim Jamison had great physical gifts for the defensive end position, but never the privilege of learning under Michigan's current defensive coaches. He had a solid career from 2004-08, and Marshall is similarly talented. However, it may be possible to outdo Jamison's eventual production under Greg Mattison and Brady Hoke. — Analysis from

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