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going to Michigan, but that's because he probably knew we didn't need the nudge," Don Jr. said in a story that ran in the The Wolverine 2010 Football Preview. "Growing up in this college town you could see and feel the university, you could feel football. The highlight of my week in the fall was running through the gates and into the stadium to watch Michigan play on Saturdays. "When you have that kind of experience, when you grow up on the sidelines and in the locker room with Michigan players, it becomes a part of who you are. I had to go there, and I think Billy felt the same way." "My dad told me to look around so it wasn't predetermined that I would go to Michigan, but I guess you could say it was in my blood," Bill added. It may be in their blood, but that doesn't make it easy. Following a father, especially if he was a standout, will almost always draw comparisons, and it is almost impossible for a son to outshine a memory 20 or 30 years old. One way to avoid the comparative talk is to play a different position. That's what Troy Woolfolk did, starting at defensive back 26 years after his father, Butch, was an All-American running back. In fact, of the 14 combos, 11 sons would play a different position than their fathers — the Evashevskis (Forest Sr., 1938-40; Forest Jr., 1962-64), both quarterbacks, the Hestons, all halfbacks, and the Herrnsteins, all running backs, being the exceptions. ❑ Michigan Father-Son Combos Years FatherYears Son William Herrnstein 1898, 1900 Bill Herrnstein 1922-25 John Herrnstein* 1956-58 1901-04 Bill Heston 1929-32 Willie Heston John Heston 1931-33 Bob Brown 1923-25 Bob Brown Jr. 1959-62 1930-32 Harry Newman Jr. 1958-59 Harry Newman Harvey Chapman Jr. 1961-63 Harvey Chapman 1932-33 Forest Evashevski 1938-40 Forest Evashevski Jr. 1962-64 1945-48 Bruce Elliott 1969-71 Pete Elliott Dave Elliott 1971-74 John Ghindia 1948-49 John Ghindia Jr. 1982-84 1948-50 Don Dufek Jr. 1972-75 Don Dufek Bill Dufek 1974-78 1953-55 John Kolesar 1985-88 Bill Kolesar Butch Woolfolk 1978-81 Troy Woolfolk 2007-11 1978-81 Braylon Edwards 2001-04 Stan Edwards 1980-83 Justin Boren 2006-07 Mike Boren Tony Gant 1983-86 Allen Gant 2012-present Jon Runyan 1993-95 Jon Runyan Jr. 2015 * Grandson

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