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Oct 08, 2022

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6 OCT. 8, 2022 BLUE & GOLD ILLUSTRATED FAN FORUM PUBLISHING MODEL I've been a subscriber for a number of years, but I think your publishing model of speed over current content is wrong. The Sept. 17 issue had 20 pages of stories and analysis containing Ohio State game data and observations before the Marshall game summary. When I got to the preview of the Cal game, there was no data from Cal's UNLV game and the predictions for the Cal game looked (given the points ND was expected to score) like they were written before the Marshall game. Ev- erything in the Cal review was off be- cause it did not include ND's perfor- mance against Marshall. I don't read BGI because it offers a near same day review of the game played. I can get that info anywhere. What I really like is analysis using a complete review of current data. To that end if I got a BGI in my inbox on a Tuesday or Wednesday that had the coaches Monday reports, injuries and latest on the upcoming team's previous game, I would continue to read it. In its current schedule it is like reading a week-old paper. I urge you to rethink your publishing schedule to make the BGI more relevant using current game data, not the previ- ous week's. I think others may feel the same way. Ray F. Maddalone, Ph.D. TOO MUCH PRIOR GAME COVERAGE? Just received my post-Marshall issue. Had to get to page 20 before I found one mention of the game. All of the articles up till then concerned OSU. I didn't need two weeks of Ohio State coverage. John Ifkovits DDS Class of '74 From Stu Coman, the publisher of Blue & Gold Illustrated: Our staff works late into the night after each foot- ball game and early Sunday morning to complete football game issues of Blue & Gold Illustrated. We send it our printer, The Papers in Milford, Ind., by 10 a.m. Sunday morning, where it is printed, labeled (with more than 5,000 first-class issues stuffed into envelopes) and bundled for mailing. A U.S. Post Of- fice truck picks up the copies around 3 p.m. on Sun- day afternoon and a digital edition of the magazine is posted by 11 a.m. that morning. I don't think any print outlet offers a game pack- age that rivals what Blue & Gold provides. However, even with the post office picking up the magazine on Sundays, a majority of our subscrib- ers opt to pay extra for first-class delivery to have a better chance of receiving their issue before the next game, given all the mail delivery issues. Holding the magazine up to include Monday press conference updates and more current re- ports on the upcoming opponent would push the mailing date back to Wednesday. Very few of our subscribers would receive the magazine before the upcoming game. We love print, but we recognize its limitations. That's why we utilize digital media to provide our readers the timely updates and analysis across an array of platforms, all complementary to our magazine and easily accessible online. Our unmatched offerings include: • BLUEANDGOLD.COM This is our companion site to Blue & Gold Illus- trated. Through our website in the On3 network, we provide daily coverage and analysis of Notre Dame football and recruiting. It is a separate sub- scription and not included with the magazine. New subscribers can sign up for special offer at $1.00 for a year (regularly $99.99) at: https://www. • YOUTUBE.COM ( BlueGoldIllustrated) Watch daily videos covering all aspects of Notre Dame football from recruiting to press confer- ence coverage to interviews with media members covering the opposing team to live shows with our football analysts and staff. Some of our more popular shows include: The Blue & Gold ND Football Show (Live after each game) Recruiting reporter Mike Singer and football analyst and Notre Dame expert Tim Hyde answer your questions and give their expert opinions on the game. The Mike Goolsby Show (Live Sundays at 7:30 p.m.) The former Notre Dame linebacker and team captain gives his candid thoughts on how the Irish played. The Blue & Gold ND Football Show (Live Wednesdays at 7 p.m.) Recruiting reporter Mike Singer and football analyst Tim Hyde discuss the upcoming game and the state of Irish football and answer your questions. • T H E B LU E & G O L D R E P O RT (Wednesdays before every football game) This is our digital newsletter with coverage of the upcoming opponent and press conferences with depth charts and rosters. It's free to all Blue & Gold Illustrated subscribers. To sign up, simply send your e-mail address to: • BLUEANDGOLD.COM NEWSLETTER (Daily) In addition to a daily listing of the top articles on website, you will receive breaking news alerts. Sign up at: dame-fighting-irish/newsletter/join/ Twenty-five years ago, more than 50 colleges had a publication covering their sports programs and more than 25 were published weekly during football season. Today, Blue & Gold Illustrated and Buckeye Sports Bulletin, which covers Ohio State, are the only team-specific publications that still publish weekly during the college football season. Most went out of business and a few switched to a monthly format. The internet changed everything in media (look at what has happened to your daily newspaper and all the weekly magazines that closed down or changed their frequency — TIME, Sports Illustrated, etc.). The post office lost a tre- mendous amount of business, which has affected its ability to deliver mail in a timely manner. We still publish Blue & Gold Illustrated for our readers who prefer to get their news in a print format, and because we appreciate that one size does not fit all, we have complemented our print offering with a full slate of digital and multi-media options as noted above. Thank you for your input. SEPT. 17, 2022 • $4.00 SEPT. 17, 2022 • $4.00 VOLUME 42 • ISSUE 2 VOLUME 42 • ISSUE 2 WWW.BLUEANDGOLD.COM WWW.BLUEANDGOLD.COM EST. 1981 EST. 1981 S TUNNED S TUNNED Marshall upends No. 8 Notre Dame 26-21 Marshall upends No. 8 Notre Dame 26-21 C OMING UP C OMING UP SHORT SHORT Junior tight end Michael Mayer Junior tight end Michael Mayer and the No. 5 Fighting Irish go toe to toe and the No. 5 Fighting Irish go toe to toe with No. 2 Ohio State but fall, 21-10 with No. 2 Ohio State but fall, 21-10 SEPT. 10 2022 • $4.00 SEPT. 10 2022 • $4.00 VOLUME 42 • ISSUE 1 VOLUME 42 • ISSUE 1 WWW.BLUEANDGOLD.COM WWW.BLUEANDGOLD.COM EST. 1981 EST. 1981 BE ARING BE ARING DOWN DOWN Irish notch 6 sacks — including 2 by senior Jacob Lacey Irish notch 6 sacks — including 2 by senior Jacob Lacey — and survive wild finish to top Cal 24-17, — and survive wild finish to top Cal 24-17, giving Marcus Freeman his first win as head coach giving Marcus Freeman his first win as head coach SEPT. 24, 2022 • $4.00 SEPT. 24, 2022 • $4.00 VOLUME 42 • ISSUE 3 VOLUME 42 • ISSUE 3 WWW.BLUEANDGOLD.COM WWW.BLUEANDGOLD.COM EST. 1981 EST. 1981

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