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April 2015

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will have a year of eligibility remaining after this season. Like Bausback, Brogdon believes the stipends for full cost of attendance will have a positive impact on UVa student-athletes. "I think it benefits us in not only making us more comfortable," Brogdon said, "but when we do want to go home, it's not a stressor to us, it's not a stressor to our families, having to pay for that flight home. It makes everything easier." The extra money should also help student-ath- letes better supplement the five meals they can eat every week in the John Paul Jones Arena dining hall. "Being able to go out and eat healthy food and really improve what you eat every day, and your diet, can mean a whole lot of benefits for you and the program and the University overall," Brogdon said. "As everybody's eating better, I think you have more success, and there's a benefit in every area." Healthier food often costs more, Brogdon noted, and student-athletes sometimes choose cheaper, less nutritious options. "So I think this financial benefit will really make a big difference for us," he said. Brogdon was pleased to learn the University's cost of attendance is factored at a higher rate for graduate students. "I think it's a different level of work at the grad- uate level, honestly, not just speaking for myself, but for other graduate students in various degrees," Brogdon said. "It's tough. It's more time-consum- ing. You're spending more time studying. More of your time is consumed off the court. And I think this can only help, expanding your resources." ◆ The cost of attendance is factored at a higher rate for graduate students, which will be ben- eficial to student-athletes such as redshirt third-year basketball standout Malcolm Brogdon. PHOTO BY MATT RILEY/COURTESY UVA

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