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S o, let me get this straight. A process whereby hundreds of prospective college foot- ball players can see and be seen by coaches, affording them greater op- portunity, is somehow evil and worthy of the NCAA's immediate death star ray? Not rampant cheat- ing. Not the bags of cash handed to play- ers in the long and sordid history of the Sweet Extras Confer- ence (also known as the SEC). Not the Hookers Of The Hardcourt program allegedly pervasive at Louisville. Not steroids, human growth hormones or other game-changing drugs. Not cover-ups regarding violence against women. No, the real issue in college athletics today involves teaching the game and ex- posure to college coaches. Well, the NCAA took care of that. Right now. It demonstrated it means business when it comes to reigning in those working within the rules but without regard for southern sensi- tivities. We're talking about the governing body's shut down of satellite camps via its requirement that Football Bowl Subdivision schools conduct clinics at their own school facili- ties. In so doing, the NCAA effectively did the bidding of the SEC and ACC, whose foot- ball coaches by league rules can't work camps more than 50 miles away from their own schools. Jim Harbaugh didn't break new ground with his tour de force satellite camps last summer. Such camps have been done before. But make no mistake: this is the Harbaugh Rule, de- signed to stop honest, hard-working incursions into ponds regularly emptied by illicit nets. It's not unlike an aggressive, hon- est business operation pushing into mob territory. There will be push- back, both swift and dramatic. So it is in this case. SEC commis- sioner/consigliere Greg Sankey railed against satellite camps, calling them "recruiting tours." Will he be so vigi- lant the next time one of his member WOLVERINE WATCH   JOHN BORTON Satellite Ban Won't Halt Harbaugh The NCAA's ban on satellite camps will not stop U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh from maxi- mizing his program's potential through creative means within the rules. PHOTO BY PER KJELDSEN

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