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November 2019

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2 ■ THE WOLFPACKER ■ WOLFPACK CLUB NEWS JOINING THE WOLFPACK CLUB The Wolfpack Club would like to welcome the following first-time members. These supporters joined between July 29 and Sept. 27, 2019. THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE WOLFPACK CLUB FAMILY! Robert Houston Clay & Donna Neill Ed and Rita Neill Ernest Packaging Solutions Milton Williams Jr. Amber Jones Robin Hampton Jenna Nicole Stamatov Emily I. Sullivan Jacob Jeffrey Allen Grayson McKayla Averette Alexander Mason Etkin Mallory Kordick Sook Harrison Westbrook Hosse Isabella Marie Castineyra Brice Murrow Sillmon Ava Camille Dodge Emily Mae Shain Thomas Francis May Lauren Kathleen Beall Elizabeth Nicole Beese Dylan J. Dodds Drew Simon Smith Ellen Jessica Dorsey Haley Morgan Fowler Ashley Lee Johnson Cheyenne Jessica Lupton Thompson Hight Little Matthew John Sohacki Jack Byron Reimer Erin Duncan Cooper R. Godwin Wesley Paul Briles Jonathan Carleton Perry Spencer Daniel Watson Mason Jacob Raynor Alexandra Gabrielle Akins Sophie Frances Thompson William Palmer Fousek Tony Arnold Zach Mabe Joseph T. Peacock Jr. R. Thomas Wallace Haywood Langley Perry Gilbert M. Cagle Michael Rowe Jr. Sandra J. Taylor Robert A. Bendl Roger J. Hogston Jason L. Simon Scott P. Stone Alex E. Williamson Brian J. Henderson Elizabeth J. Bohnsack Nelda Essick Everidge Robert E. Isola Jessica L. Kasper Blake Stanley Mark Walser Jay Barish Sarah J. Beres Donald W. Powell Peter M. Bernardino Harun K. Thomas Gregory Kapp Kathryn Pottschmidt Todd Goebbel Lauren Neshat Kristin Orr Andrea Young David Sanders Steve Gentry Deborah Register Gary Carpenter Mary Hunter Julie Phelps Matthew Tyson Anne Margaret Correll Jason Butikofer Michael Jones Robert H. Ellis Robert G. Ellenburg Pimploy Thirati Brian Rogers Lynne Shoesmith-Briggs Deborah Kredich Nellie B. Cregger Jason Lefler H Kent & Gloria Goodman James Sharpe Bob Metz Sydney Hand Wistar and Blair Nelligan Brent Robling Jack Kimel Boonchai Thirati Kimberly Gagnon Gary Daniels The Wolfpack Club accepts Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as checks and cash. In addition to these payment preferences, we also of- fer both bank draft and recurring credit card payment options. If you have any questions, please call our offices at 919-865-1500. Thank you for all your support! WWW.THEWOLFPACKER.COM • NOVEMBER 2019 • $9.95 WOLFPACK CLUB THIS ISSUE IS SPONSORED BY Senior Guards Aislinn Konig And Markell Johnson Will Lead Their Respective Wolfpack Teams CHOSEN ONES WWW.THEWOLFPACKER.COM • MARCH 2019 • $4.95 WOLFPACK CLUB THIS ISSUE IS SPONSORED BY 2019 FOOTBALL RECRUITING ISSUE NC State Hires Boo Corrigan As Its New Director Of Athletics RED, WHITE & BOO WWW.THEWOLFPACKER.COM • SEPTEMBER 2019 • $4.95 WOLFPACK CLUB THIS ISSUE IS SPONSORED BY Fifth-Year Senior Safety Jarius Morehead Is The Pack's Newest Standout From Eastern Guilford NEXT IN LINE Interested in exposing your business to thousands of other loyal Wolfpack fans? ADVERTISE WITH THE WOLFPACKER!! Reach over 14,000 Wolfpackers in the six glossy, full-color print issues (including both big preview issues for football and basketball) ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶ Reach over 12,000 Wolfpackers in the 50 Internet-based newsletters (with the ability to link your ad to your website) ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶ For further information on opportunities for growing and enhancing your business, please contact Donnell Priest at 919-865-1430 or ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶  ✶ Thank you for your continuing support of NC State Athletics … GO PACK!!

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