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Follow Michigan Sports Year-Round in THE WOLVERINE! The Wolverine covers all sports at U-M with an emphasis on football, basketball and recruiting. A LL TB F OO e PR G RIN SP n You will receive 11 full-color information-packed issues from August to June. n You will also have access to digital editions of The Wolverine through the iPad app as well as at, including an archive of past issues. The digital editions are now optimized for viewing on a computer monitor or tablet. Aud io &  By THe numBeRs THe seAson The writers of The Wolverine weigh in with their take on U-M football. • The bad news is, Michigan hasn't stopped anybody on defense since the wind and slop turbo-boosted the Wolverines' effort in West Lafayette. The good news is, nobody has put a serious knock on Denard Robinson in more than a month. As has been the case all season, the latter represents Michigan's best hope against the second MSU on the U-M docket. For the year to end on an upbeat note, Robinson has to be the doit-all force he was in the season's early games. Prediction: Michigan 35, Mississippi State 31 — John Borton EXtRa p INts • Michigan has done well against non-conference opponents in the last two years under Rich Rodriguez, has seen the read option plenty in practice and will play well in its first bowl game in three years. Quarterback Denard Robinson, too, is healthy and will be able to show the same explosion he did in the early part of the year. Mississippi State did a great job slowing Auburn's Cam Newton in a 17-14 loss, but the Wolverines are going to score points. Unfortunately, so will the Bulldogs. Prediction: Mississippi State 38, Michigan 34 — Chris Balas U-M Football injury Report Player CB Troy Woolfolk S Jared Van Slyke LB Mike Jones CB J.T. Floyd TB Teric Jones S Mike Williams WR Martavious Odoms DT Mike Martin DE Craig Roh TB Michael Shaw OT Taylor Lewan TB Vincent Smith WR Jeremy Gallon WR Darryl Stonum WR Junior Hemingway Games Injury Missed Ankle/Leg 12 Clavicle 12 Leg 10 Ankle Four Knee Four Head 12 Foot Six Ankle Three Head None Head Two Head One Head None Arm One Ankle None Head One Gator Bowl? Out for the year Out for the year Out for the year Out for the year Out for the year Out for the year Possible Will play Will play Will play Will play Will play Will play Will play Will play tHE WoLVERINE 127 208 10/19 14/25 0 1 2/0 0/0 5/35 5/45 112,522 Home 13 63 15 27 112 294 147 291 15/30 16/25 0 1 4/1 2/0 10/69 5/40 110,708 Home 6 13 19 14 161 94 138 145 13/25 11/19 5 2 2/1 0/0 5/38 5/49 80,795 Away 44 13 19 15 304 56 105 157 8/16 23/35 0 2 1/1 3/2 4/36 3/30 0 45 7 21 105 353 29 174 7/16 9/15 1 0 1/1 2/1 5/45 5/45 110,922 Home 10 12 16 16 112 163 192 163 21/34 14/30 1 1 2/0 0/0 7/50 6/55 113,833 Home Michigan Nebraska 9 23 18 20 95 160 93 166 9/27 14/24 3 1 1/0 1/1 3/44 8/104 86,160 Away Michigan Minnesota 35 13 18 21 155 128 234 147 12/18 14/31 1 0 1/0 2/1 7/69 9/68 48,801 Away Iowa Michigan 17 42 17 23 128 199 181 314 19/26 18/23 0 1 1/0 1/0 3/21 3/35 113,016 Home Rushing yards 73 32 Plays 19 11 U-M IOWA 3rd &1 M/a Pct. 1/2 50.0 1/1 100.0 fIRST anD Ten Passing Plays yards avg. Plays 10 191 19.1 29 264 13 79 6.1 24 111 THIRD-DOWn effICIenCy 3rd & 2-5 3rd & 6-9 3rd & 10+ M/a Pct. M/a Pct. M/a Pct. 5/6 83.3 1/2 50.0 2/2 100.0 4/8 50.0 1/3 33.3 0/2 0.0 ReD Zone eFFIcIency (InsIDe 20-yARD lIne) recruitin G iSSue MA i WAV E MADNz e Five -Sta r Zak irvi Shooting Guard n heads up talented incomin g class ess Big Ten Player Of Trey Bu The Yea rke r To Make And U-M Loo k A Run In March 40% vIDeo: click play to watch on the interactive edition 27% Michigan State vs. Alabama (Capital One) 13% Michigan vs. Mississippi State (Gator) 17% Total 30:23 9-12 2-2 MICH-23 final 29:37 6-14 1-3 IOWA-31 Poss. 4 4 TDs 4 2 fGs 0 1 THe wolVerIne Totals yards 9.1 4.6 avg. Totals M/a Pct. 9/12 75.0 6/14 42.9 BIG PlAys (25 yARDs oR moRe) no Score 0 1 PlAy cHART (no. oF PlAys) What is the best Big Ten bowl matchup? 2nd Half 15:44 3-5 1-1 MICH-25 2nd Half 14:16 4-8 0-2 IOWA-35 avg. 3.8 2.9 yards ...................................................u-M (- ) Yards...............................................................2 0-5 Yards.............................................................35 6-9 Yards..............................................................9 10-19 Yards.........................................................9 20-29 Yards.........................................................2 30-39 Yards.........................................................3 40-49 Yards.........................................................1 50 or more Yards ..............................................1 thEWoLVErinE.Com gamE WEEk poLL TCU vs. Wisconsin (Rose) 1st Half 14:39 6-7 1-1 MICH-22 1st Half 15:21 2-6 1-1 IOWA-28 sITuATIon TABles U-M IOWA U-M Iowa Arkansas vs. Ohio State (Sugar) etball Vide o En han ced Michigan 1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr. Time of Possession 6:25 8:14 12:01 3:43 3rd-Down Conversions 3-3 3-4 3-4 0-1 4th-Down Conversions 0-0 1-1 1-1 0-0 Avg. Field Position MICH-25 MICH-19 MICH-27 MICH-21 Iowa 1st Qtr. 2nd Qtr. 3rd Qtr. 4th Qtr. Time of Possession 8:35 6:46 2:59 11:17 3rd-Down Conversions 1-3 1-3 0-2 4-6 4th-Down Conversions 1-1 0-0 0-0 0-2 Avg. Field Position IOWA-25 IOWA-30 IOWA-31 IOWA-37 50,105 Away Illinois Michigan Michigan State Michigan IOWa 8 29 10 11 1 1 0 0 MICHIGan •3-1 U-M30 Robinson rush for 40 yards to the IOWA30 •3-17 IOWA37 Gardner pass complete to Roundtree for 37 yards to the IOWA0 •1-10 U-M39 Gardner pass complete to Gallon for 51 yards to the IOWA10 •2-4 U-M34 Gardner pass complete to Gallon for 31 yards to the IOWA35 •1-10 IOWA43 Gardner pass complete to Gallon for 31 yards to the IOWA12 •1-10 IOWA29 Gardner pass complete to Funchess for 29 yards to the IOWA0 TH e fu TuR e ThewOLveRI ne.cOM B R IG H | APRIL 2013 | $3.95 T Is Junior Qb devin Ga Stepped rdner Up Final mo in the Season's thewolve Great Pro nth, Showing mise For /july | june 2013 2013 | $3.95 IOWa •3-2 IOWA20 Vandenberg pass complete to Fiedorowicz for 37 yards to the U-M43 • Page 9 331 votes Top four responses shown thewolve nov. 18, 2012 | december 2012 | $3.95 Michigan Vs. Notre Dame all-time head to head in Winning percentage School G W L T Pct. U-M 1,227 884 307 36 .7351 ND 1,181 844 295 42 .7324 * Both Michigan and Notre Dame went 7-5 this season. 14 23 290 214 Michigan Purdue By the Numbers 19-31 26 19 Massachusetts Michigan • Under Rich Rodriguez, Michigan has played its best football coming out of fall camp. U-M started with four straight wins in 2009 and five straight wins in 2010. The 30-10 victory over UConn to start 2010 was arguably the Wolverines' most complete win of the season. Like fall camp, the Jan. 1 Gator Bowl has given Michigan five weeks to prepare for one opponent, so expect a better team than the one that took the field against Wisconsin and Ohio State. However, Mississippi State plays strong defense and will bring a balanced offensive attack — traits that have given Michigan problems throughout the season. Michigan will not have the firepower to outlast the Bulldogs in a tight game. Prediction: Mississippi State 31, Michigan 28 — Josh Helmholdt Gator Bowl's rank among the best bowl matchups this season, according to college football editor Mike Huguenin. Years since multiple U-M defenders had 100 tackles or more in the same year — Sam Sword (109), Jarrett Irons (106) and Marcus Ray (104) in 1996 — until safety Jordan Kovacs (112) and linebacker Jonas Mouton (111) accomplished the feat this fall. The Big Ten's bowl record since 2003; the conference posted a losing record from 2003-08 before going 4-3 in Safety Jordan Kovacs and line2009. Current Wolverines backer Jonas Mouton both that have previously topped 100 tackles this season for the Wolverines. traveled to a bowl game, inPHOTO bY ERiC bROnSOn/ bROnSOnPHOTO.COM cluding eight fifth-year seniors. attendance 90,413 Cowboys Stadium 25 31 Michigan Notre Dame • I'm very interested to see how the offense stacks up against the Bulldog D, one of the best in the SEC. Against some of the best defenses they faced this year — Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin — the Wolverines struggled to move the ball early, which, combined with the defensive struggles, put them in a huge hole. Prediction: Mississippi State 35, Michigan 21 — Andy Reid 7th fumbles Penalties no./Lost no./yards 0/0 8/99 1/1 7/55 Air Force Michigan Makes a terr gift for your Michigan Fan! 2013 baSk nE xt mIcHIGAn vs. IoWA QuARTeR-By-QuARTeR comPARIson Game-By-Game first yards yards Passes Had Summary Score Downs Rush Pass Com./att. Int. Michigan 14 11 69 200 11/27 3 Alabama 41 20 232 199 11/21 0 Only $52.99 ific W n During football season, you will have access to 26 issues of The Wolverine Now, our online newsletter that is published Sundays and Wednesdays during the season. V ie n In July you will receive The Wolverine Football Preview, a glossy, full-color, action-packed magazine full of great information about the upcoming season. 2010 FootbaLL sChEDuLE Date Sept. 4 Sept. 11 Sept. 18 Sept. 25 Oct. 2 Oct. 9 Oct. 16 Oct. 30 Nov. 6 Nov. 13 Nov. 20 Nov. 27 Jan. 1 Opponent Connecticut at Notre Dame Massachusetts Bowling Green at Indiana Michigan State Iowa at Penn State Illinois at Purdue Wisconsin at Ohio State Mississippi State • pagE 13 The Wolverine Now, our Internet-based newsletter, is published every Sunday (game reports) and Wednesday (scouting reports) during football season on Plowed Under Dual QBs Double The Pain For Iowa, 42-17 Time/TV By John Borton W, 30-10 ichigan entered November hoping W, 28-24 it had a quarterback ready for the W, 42-37 stretch run. W, 65-21 Now it features two. W, 42-35 Iowa hasn't witnessed a more devastatL, 34-17 ing combination than senior quarterback L, 38-28 Denard Robinson and junior QB Devin L, 41-31 Gardner since blight and locusts blew into W, 67-65 at the same time. town W, 27-16 scintillating duo — highlighted by The L, 48-28 Robinson's triumphant return from injury L, 37-7 at quarterback and running back — sim1:30 p.m. devastated the Hawkeyes in a 42-17 ply M scorched-earth finale at Michigan Stadium. Robinson drew thunderous cheers just for getting on the field, but this wasn't a fleeting appearance. He rushed 13 times for 98 yards, caught two passes for 24 more and immediately gave Ohio State's defensive staff a week-long migraine. Meanwhile, Gardner experienced his finest day yet behind center. He tore the Hawkeyes up with three touchdown tosses and three more scores on the ground, connecting on 18 of 23 attempts for 314 yards and adding 37 rushing yards on nine carries. The Wolverines scored touchdowns the first six times they touched the football. Any thoughts Kirk Ferentz's squad harbored about road feistiness was washed away in a tsunami of offensive effectiveness by the home team. "He is elusive back there, tough to bring down and tough to contain first of all," Ferentz said of Gardner. "You think you have got him and he buys time. They have very good skilled players, and they have had that traditionally. "It looks to me that they have it again. I think they have three very good receivers, not including if Robinson goes out there. 42 17 That quarterback has really done a nice job." Robinson did go out there, and the combination proved devastating, the Wolverines piling up 513 total yards to Iowa's 309. It wasn't all sunshine on Senior Day. Michigan experienced both ends of the emotional spectrum on the very first drive. Robinson, to turf-rattling cheers, got the ball at tailback on the opening two plays of the game. He later moved to quarterback then back to tailback, taking a Gardner handoff and pitching to Fitzgerald Toussaint. The redshirt junior tailback broke off a 10-yard gain, but it proved to be Michigan's loss. He wound up carted off with a serious leg injury and taken away for surgery, casting a huge shadow over the Wolverines' 12-play, 70-yard touchdown drive, capped by Gardner's one-yard TD sneak. Junior quarterback Devin Gardner went 18-of-23 passing for 314 yards, with three touchdowns and just one interception, in leading U-M to the rout over the hawkeyes. photo by per kjeldsen "He's in the hospital now and had surgery," Hoke said. "We'll leave it at that for now. His mother wasn't here, he had two brothers here. I want to make sure his mother knows first." Iowa (4-7 overall record) demonstrated it hadn't just showed up for Robinson's going-away party, answering with a 14play, 75-yard drive of its own. Quarterback James Vandenberg (19-of-26, 181 yards, send to: The Wolverine • circulation dept. • P.o. box 2331 • durham, nc 27702 Please send the following subscriPtion: q One-year subscription for me at $52.99 q One year gift subscription for the recipient listed to the right. total $_________________ q My check or money order payable to The Wolverine is Please call 919-688-0218 for delivery options outside the U.S. enclosed. (Checks/money orders must be drawn on U.S. banks.) q Charge to: q Visa q MasterCard q AmEx q Discover MY naMe and address Name ___________________________________ Acct. ** __________________ Address ___________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________ State___________ Zip _________ Phone (_______) ____________________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________________________ ** If you are renewing, please give us your account number. 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