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Upon Further Review todd D. burlage A Putting A Condition On A Touching Tradition nd our hearts forever, Praise thee Notre Dame And our hearts forever, Love thee Notre Dame! … Unless, of course, the Irish lose. Then, all bets are off. Please proceed to the nearest exit. The first two lines of this story are the closing lyrics to "Notre Dame, Our Mother" — the Alma Mater song of devotion that celebrates the University of Head coach Brian Kelly quietly instituted a team rule during the Notre Dame and more im- 2011 season that the players no longer sing the Alma Mater after portantly, its namesake, the a defeat. photo by bill panzica Blessed Virgin Mary. Confusion reigned with the players "Notre Dame, Our Mother" has been around since 1931, but it only after the loss, and at the same time the recently became a topic of heated de- boos rained from the Notre Dame students when about half of the football bate. Considered a postgame tradition at team headed up the tunnel and into Notre Dame football games, or at least the locker room instead of gathering for in the last decade, the sharing of the the traditional postgame sharing of the Alma Mater between the players on Alma Mater. Kelly later divulged he had made a the field, arm in arm, and the students in the stands, arm in arm, became a decision and a private announcement symbolic and touching sign of mutual to his team in 2011 — apparently sometime after a disappointing 31-17 home respect — win or lose. Come to find out, Irish head coach loss to USC that season — for his playBrian Kelly had delivered an edict re- ers to head directly to the locker room garding the Alma Mater to his players after a loss, and that the Alma Mater in 2011 that nobody outside of the foot- would be shared only after wins. "I just don't think it's appropriate to ball program knew anything about — until his team hit the tunnel, and stuff put your players after a defeat in a situhit the fan, after the Irish lost to Okla- ation where they're exposed. … After homa at Notre Dame Stadium Sept. 28. a loss, there's a lot of emotions," Kelly

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