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fan forum Fashion Review I thought the new Irish uniforms for the Shamrock Series against Arizona State were sooooo cool. The green socks and patent leather green shoes were just darling. I would suggest that the shoes reach almost to the knee, like the NFL cheerleaders, and the pants be cut off just below the thigh pads to show a little more leg. And the helmets were so cute with metallic gold paint, and so like Lady Gaga and Madonna. Maybe a green bow on the helmet top would set off the whole ensemble. Those old navy blue jerseys and gold pants and helmet were so traditional — and who needs tradition in college football? It's like joining the student body after the game and singing the Alma Mater. Col. James E. Lalley, Ret. Sioux City, Iowa Color Scheme Who chose those uniforms against Arizona State? The Irish looked like an overdeveloped dance troupe. Blue and gold colors, PLEASE! Rosemary Mathews Santa Fe, N.M. Mrs. Mathews, Notre Dame is an adidas school, and the Shamrock Series uniforms are a reflection of the new wave in college football, popularized most at Oregon, but Many Irish fans did not approve of the Shamrock Series uniforms Notre Dame wore in its game against Arizona State Oct. 5. photo by bill panzica prevalent elsewhere. It appeals to players and recruits, which is what is most important to the coaches and the school. The reaction to the Shamrock Series uniforms we received is almost comparable to the mail Sports Illustrated used to get from irate parents of teenage boys, or members of the clergy, after the printing of their annual swimsuit issue. Want to stay up-to-date with all the Irish news? Like Us On Follow Us On Twitter:

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