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Nov. 10, 2014

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FAN FORUM VICTORIOUS IN DEFEAT Florida State is good, but it got beat the night of Oct. 18. Brian Kelly must know that the touchdown catch by Corey Robinson with 13 seconds left, thereafter nulli- fied, borders on illegal. He must also know that it takes only one official in Tallahassee, or elsewhere, to make a partisan call. If you are going to in- clude this kind of play in your book it must be coached, whereby the "shield- ers" turn their backs on the defenders and raise their hands. The official on the line of scrimmage was 12 feet from the play and called it a touch. The call came from afar (the back judge). What would Ara Parseghian have done? The quarterback rolls to the right, everybody goes to the right. The left tight end makes a half effort at a block then goes down on all fours. He then recovers and drifts to the left end zone. Standing alone, he makes the catch. There would be no false starts, no holding and no celebration. What would Lou Holtz have done? I think he would have put the game in the hands of the center and guards. The QB would have walked to the end zone unmolested. He also would have had one time out left, when making the call. This Notre Dame team is strong, ath- letic, smart and determined. We will be in the final four. George Casey Camdenton, Mo. IT'S ABOUT TIME Why hasn't anybody questioned the apparent 10-second run off the clock after Corey Robinson's catch on fourth-and-18 at Florida State? Terrence Cernech Via the Internet Mr. Cernech, the clock stopped for the movement of the chains on the first down, but Robinson did not get out of bounds on the completion (his knee and left arm hit in-bounds). He caught the pass at the 1:19 mark, the clock ran down to 1:09, but Notre Dame called time out slightly ear- lier, so the clock was re-set to 1:11. Corey Robinson's fourth-quarter performance at Florida State elicited numerous "what ifs?" PHOTO BY SUZANNE PRATT

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