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CELEBRATING A GOOD RUN Dear The Wolverine: I have been a subscriber since the summer of 1990. I would like to thank you and staff for giving me 25 years of outstanding coverage. There have been the highs of Michigan football dominance in the Big Ten and versus Ohio State in the 1990s, as well as the 1997 National Title. There have also been the lows of a 2-12 record against the hated Buckeyes since 2001 and no share of a Big Ten title since 2004. In basketball there have been the highs of the Fab Five years and then the lows of more than 10 years without an NCAA tournament appearance. The one thing that has been consistently outstanding is the coverage The Wolverine provided, even when the above-mentioned squads were losing and mired in controversy. You guys have also done a good job covering all the other sports as well, with the right allocation of copy space. You, as well as most realists, know that people want an overwhelming effort put into football, basketball and the recruiting efforts of those sports. After two bad hires, the basketball program got the right guy and is outstanding again with a very bright future. Likewise, football has got the right guy after two bad hires. I believe that both squads will win multiple Big Ten Titles in the next five years and contend for national honors. I look forward to your coverage of these good times to come! Kevin G. Smith Orange, Calif. Thanks for the kind words, Kevin. We'll keep doing what we do, and anticipate the onward and upward direction you project. FOR THE RECORD… Dear The Wolverine: Am I missing something? In my new Football Preview issue I cannot find "Year-By-Year." This was one of the most used sections at our house! Other than the obvious (cost) why would you eliminate such an interesting and memory-provoking section of a great issue? I miss it already! Jack Drummond II Kalamazoo, Mich. We did streamline this year's issue with the elimination of the records section, Jack. We do want to keep the price reasonable for our readers, and with the information readily available online (and much of it simply repeated in our preview annually) we determined it was time to make this change. We appreciate your passion and feedback, and we'll consider all input when designing future issues.   FROM OUR READERS SEND YOUR LETTERS TO: Wolverine Letters • P.O. Box 1304 Ann Arbor, MI 48106 Or e-mail: Letters may be edited for clarity or length.

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