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October 2015

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"I need to make sure one side is not getting favored over the other by strengthening both sides of the body equally," Brown explained. Brown's playing time this season has increased for the 8-1 Cavaliers —she's appeared in seven games and started three through Sept. 25. In addi- tion to her ability to serve in a rotation, Madison said Brown offers a lot of intangibles to the team. "She brings a knowledge of our system and can mentor the younger players about how we run the system," Madison said. "She's a solid rotation player, she knows and runs the system well, she can initiate the movement and she's very good on the defensive press." A chance to finally get significant playing time excites Brown and so does completing her degree in media studies with a concentration in film studies. "In our department no one wants to watch mov- ies with us anymore because all we do is analyze the film," she said. Which begs the question: What is her favorite movie? "It's such a hard question," she said. "One movie I think I could watch over and over again is the 'Sandlot.' I've probably seen it over 100 times, and I am still not sick of it. "I love comedy, I love sports, kids are hilari- ous and I love movies. It's like the hot spot for everything I love. I quote that movie all the time." Brown's goal is to get into the production side of filming. "I'm not sure what part of production I want to be a part of, but I like production as a whole," said Brown. "I've been studying a lot of film and with some outside internship opportunities I've been able to really grow my love of production." In what could only be classified as having your cake and eating it too, Brown spent two months this past summer in Cape Town, South Africa, working as an intern with a production company. "It was amazing! It was so unbelievable," she

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