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OCTOBER 2016 THE WOLVERINE 21 defensive ends or one of the defensive tackles, and give them one thing to help them get better. "With Jake, it's how he would lead the team in the offseason. He was the guy who was constantly making sure everyone was being accountable for workouts, the voluntary team sessions. He was just making sure everyone was on top of their game." Sophomore receiver Grant Perry concurred with Harbaugh that the two aren't looking to big-time anyone. "Great guys, both of them," Perry said. "They've very worthy. They really didn't make a big deal about it. They just said they were going to lead this team, and let's just focus on this game — let's just go out there and win." At the same time, Harbaugh stressed, becoming a Michigan captain is a big deal. "The good thing about our captain vote is that it's strictly voted by the players," Harbaugh underscored. "It's all players that have been on the team for a year, that really know the can- didates for being a captain. Coaches' votes don't count and freshman votes don't count. It's the guys that have re- ally been in the practices, in the meet- ings, in the trenches, in the workouts year-round that vote on the captains. "That's what makes it such a great honor. That's why it means so much to all of us — to the team and to every- body involved. It's your fellow team- mates, your peers that are voting and making that assessment." Garnering endorsements regarding the position from former Wolverines who cast a very long shadow doesn't hurt, either. "I was sitting in the team room, as a young guy, and taking those words to heart," Wormley mused, regarding Brady's comments. "I was thinking, wow, Tom Brady has won four Super Bowls and has all these accolades at the highest level of football. If the greatest is him being a Michigan captain, that's something pretty special." ❏ Butt is the third tight end in U-M history to reach 100 career catches. PHOTO BY LON HORWEDEL Year Players 2016 Jake Butt, TE Chris Wormley, DL 2015 Joe Kerridge, FB Joe Bolden, LB 2014 Devin Gardner, QB Jake Ryan, LB 2013 Courtney Avery, S Cameron Gordon, LB Taylor Lewan, LT Jake Ryan, LB 2012 Jordan Kovacs, S Denard Robinson, QB 2011 Kevin Koger, TE Mike Martin, DT David Molk, C 2010 Mark Moundros, FB Stephen Schilling, LG 2009 Stevie Brown, LB Brandon Graham, DE Zoltan Mesko, P Mark Ortmann, LT Year Players 2008 Tim Jamison, DE Will Johnson, DE Mike Massey, TE Terrance Taylor, DT 2007 Shawn Crable, OLB Mike Hart, RB Jake Long, LT 2006 Jake Long, LT LaMarr Woodley, DE 2005 Jason Avant, WR Pat Massey, DT 2004 David Baas, C/LG Marlin Jackson, CB 2003 Grant Bowman, DT Carl Diggs, ILB John Navarre, QB 2002 Victor Hobson, OLB Bennie Joppru, TE 2001 Eric Brackins, ILB Shawn Thompson, TE Year Players 2000 Steve Hutchinson, LG Anthony Thomas, RB Eric Wilson, DT 1999 Tom Brady, QB Steve Hutchinson, LG Rob Renes, DT 1998 Jon Jansen, OT Juaquin Feazell, DT 1997 Jon Jansen, OT Eric Mayes, ILB 1996 Jarrett Irons, ILB Rod Payne, C 1995 Jarrett Irons, ILB Joe Marinaro, OG 1994 Steve Morrison, ILB Walter Smith, WR 1993 Buster Stanley, DT Rickey Powers, RB 1992 Corwin Brown, FS Elvis Grbac, QB Chris Hutchinson, DT Twenty-Five Years Of Michigan Captains

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