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JANUARY 2017 THE WOLVERINE 21 tion, but double-digit-victory seasons had all in attendance feeling good about the direction. Evening emcee Jamie Morris intro- duced the All-Americans from the 1990s who returned: linebacker Erick Anderson, offensive linemen Dean Dingman, Matt Elliott, Rod Payne, Greg Skrepenak and Jon Jansen, de- fensive lineman Chris Hutchinson and defensive back Tripp Welborne. Those players enjoyed major suc- cess in Ann Arbor, and Morris insisted it's here again. "I played with Jim Harbaugh," he said. "It was a great opportunity to meet somebody with the kind of fire this man has. To have him bring it back and see what he's done in two years, the sky is the limit for us. "Michigan football is on the rise." ❏ Best Of The Bust Michigan put a different twist on the Football Bust this sea- son, letting parents have a say about their sons. That threw some extra spice into our annual Best of the Bust quotes: • Stacey Allen, mother of fifth-year senior kicker/punter Kenny Allen: "I just saw Kenny's face. I know he's freaking out — someone gave his mom a microphone. I'll be good. It's just an honor for me and his dad to present this to Kenny 'Thunderfoot' Allen." • Meg Lally, senior tight end Jake Butt's mom: "I'm so proud of this guy. Here's your ring, even though you wanted to give it to me for Christmas. Go Blue." • Mike Gedeon, senior linebacker Ben Gedeon's dad: "Your family is extremely proud of you. Your older brothers will finally concede you are the stud in the family. But what I and your mom are most proud of is your quiet humility." • Jim Harbaugh on the Gedeons: "Like father, like son. They say the branch doesn't fall too far from the tree. Ben Gedeon is a man of few words, and so is Mr. Gedeon — but they do get the job done." • Kevin Godin, fifth-year senior defensive lineman Matt Godin's dad: "Made in Michigan, went to school here in Michigan, played for the great coaches Greg Mattison, Jim Harbaugh. That's my definition of a Michigan Man — a man of integrity, a team player and just all-around great guy. "He has five siblings, three of which graduated from Michi- gan. They refer to him as Big and Tall, the Last of Them All." • Doug Henderson, fifth-year senior fullback Bobby Henderson's dad: "Sixty-two years ago, Bobby's grandfa- ther, Bob Henderson, walked on to Michigan as a fullback. About the same size. Unfortunately, our height and thick- ness kind of runs in the genes. "The coaching staff at the time thought it best to move Bobby's grandfather to guard. It kind of tells you, it wasn't really a great era for Michigan football. I want to thank Coach Harbaugh for not making that same decision for Bobby here." • Harbaugh on redshirt junior defensive tackle Maurice Hurst Jr.: "I'd love to see Mo come back for a fifth year as well, right? Text him, Twitter him, encourage him to come back." • Harbaugh on senior defensive tackle Garrett Miller: "There are no walk-on football players at Michigan. There are only Michigan football players. Garrett Miller played every bit as good throughout his career as a scholarship player has." • Jack Moores, redshirt junior holder Garrett Moores' dad: "Just a quick story — he's 8 years old, and we're paint- ing his room in Michigan colors, proud dad. He says, 'Some day, I'm going to play football for Michigan.' "You just kind of humor your son and say, 'Yeah, sure you are.' You did what you said. We're so proud of you, buddy." • Sonja Stribling, senior cornerback Channing Strib- ling's mom: "I can remember when you were a little boy, and you were running around in my combat boots when I was active military. I remember your freshman year, when I spent time in Kuwait, and I wasn't there. "The last of the 21 years of serving my country, the Army gave me an ultimatum. I could be a Lt. Colonel, or I could go home and be a football mom. I explained, I'll take go home and be a football mom to a Michigan Man." • Mike Wroblewski, senior linebacker Mike Wroblews- ki's dad: "I'd also like to publicly thank Jim Brandstatter for letting the college football world know how to pronounce his last name — No. 46, Michael Wroblewski [Row-BLESS-ki]." Harbaugh: "I've called him Wroblewski [Row-BLUE-ski] for the last three years. Wroblewski [Row-Bless-ki]! Don't feel too bad for him. He dates a Michigan cheerleader. Life is pretty good for Mike Wroblewski." • Martha Speight, redshirt sophomore quarterback Wil- ton Speight's mom, on his Most Improved Player Award: "Well, considering the first pass of the season [was an inter- ception], it would be pretty tough if he hadn't improved." Harbaugh: "No coddling in the Speight family. Love it." • Harbaugh to Ryan, Jordan and Graham Glasgow's mother: "Thank you, Mrs. Glasgow. Keep producing football players. Much appreciated." — John Borton Senior Jake Butt (shown receiving his Michigan ring from his mother) ends his storied career as a two-time All-American. PHOTO BY LON HORWEDEL

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