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December 2012

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five questions CAVALIERSPORTS SECOND-YEAR FIELD HOCKEY GOALIE JENNY JOHNSTONE sure on us. They had pulled their goal- keeper and were playing with an extra striker on us. It is all about keeping calm and keeping the defense calm. Making sure we keep someone on pressure and that everyone is doing their job. "We have been working on it in prac- ence. You come in to such a huge pro- gram — coming way from home. To start [as a first-year] was amazing. "I think last season it took me awhile, a starter as a first-year? Johnstone: "It was a crazy experi- but this season I got a really good start on it. To be a goalkeeper you have to be crazy to start with, and I just kind of went with it. home (Paisley, Scotland) — how have you managed the distance factor? Johnstone: "My family back home is very supportive of Cavalier Corner: You are far from " Cavalier Corner: Was it difficult to be " of that Maryland victory (a 3-2 home win over the defending national champions in a downpour Sept. 28)? Johnstone: "It was very intense. There was a lot of pres- Cavalier Corner: How intense were the last five minutes when I needed it; they were so supportive. "I could not have asked for better teammates or a better tice — keeping calm under pressure, but it was stressful; I am not going to lie. It was great when we had the vic- tory. It was really good. season at the very start, I came over and thought it would be cold and this place was absolutely roasting, 95 de- grees, I was jet-lagged, I was not eating. I got here and it was terrible. "I hated it, but the best thing I ever a moment of uncertainty after you ar- rived? Johnstone: "I remember during pre- Cavalier Corner: Did you ever have " Johnstone, a native of Scotland, was named to the All-ACC squad after leading the league in save percentage (.759 percent) and ranking second in goals-against average (1.42) during the regu- lar season. PHOTO BY MATT RILEY/COURTESY UVA coaching staff to help me, especially with so much pres- sure playing as a first-year. It was fantastic to come into this program with so much support around me. did was stick it out. I could have gone home, but I didn't. There have been those types of conversations where I said I don't know what I am doing any- more, but it has turned out great, and my parents have been supportive as well even though they are so far away. Cavalier Corner: You have a lot of " me. It is pretty far away, about 3,000 miles, but coming here and having a fantastic team already prepared for me — it is a great team that has helped me and was ready to help me continually working on is my focus because it is very hard to be focused for 70 minutes of hard hockey. "Toward the last 10 or 15 minutes you really have to stay time to think in goal, so how do you stay focused? Johnstone: "One of the things I am tuned in, and I guess that is where it came in handy for Maryland. " — Sean Corso

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