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December 2012

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wahoo nation THE MATHEWS when asked why University of Virginia football is so important to him and his four children (identical twins Claiborne and Caroline, Ivey and Peter). "Football is perfect for the kids because we can tailgate before and after games," he said. "It's a per- Matt Mathews ('90) didn't hesitate one second fect way to spend time with the kids and for them to have some wholesome fun. "Plus, it's great to have models like Chase Min- nifield ['12]." Minnifield, a cornerback who is now with the had kidney stones removed. Then she was hospitalized again with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and was in the pediatric intensive care unit for three weeks. At one time, she was No. 1 on the list for treatment. "In the hospital, her adoration of Chase Minnifield really came out," Mathews said. "On the door she had the crossed Washington Redskins, has played an interesting role in Caroline's life. Caroline Mathews was hospitalized last spring and sabers with her name. She named her health monitors 'Chase' and 'Minnifield. schoolmates. Every card had UVa on it — particularly football, including No. 13, Chase's number. "The dream for me, her to meet Chase." "She received dozens and dozens of cards from her ' " Mathews continued, "would be for a former All-Pro cornerback with the Cleveland Browns whom they conversed with at Scott Stadium when Chase was playing. "They got to know Frank well and became attached to him," Mathews said. "Each obtained a jersey with the The Mathews children did meet Chase's father, Frank, No. 13 and got on the cover of a program. "Frank was so nice and went out of his way to be gra- " cious. He signed the game program with Chase's number on it. They were beaming about how nice he was to them. Having met Chase's dad, a pro football player, was great. The Mathews — from left to right, Claiborne, Caro- line, Ivey, Peter and Matt — have turned UVa ath- letic events into regular family outings. PHOTO COURTESY MATT MATHEWS years and has been attending games with his children for longer than he can remember. File this under the heading of a classic family outing. "They have lots of their friends who go to games, Mathews said. "We'll tailgate at the games. It's absolutely about the kids. Mathews recalled. "Chase had an interception for a touch- down [54 yards for the second-longest return and 13th of his career]. favorite UVa football moment. "The Duke game last year, which UVa won [31-21], children. Men's basketball and lacrosse also rate high on the fam- Football isn't the only sport Mathews attends with his " ily's list. "Being a dad, one reason I love UVa athletics is [football coach] Mike London, [men's basketball coach] Tony Ben- nett and [men's lacrosse coach] Dom Starsia, "Their programs are built on doing the right thing and not just winning. "It's great role modeling for my kids. They all have win- ning programs and they do it the right way." " he said. — Mike Scandura Understandably, Mathews and his children have their " " Mathews has been a football season ticket holder for 20 "

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