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  FROM OUR READERS • I totally get why Glenn Robinson III and Nik Stauskus are leaving, and I actually think it's the right time for both of them. Nik played himself into the top half of the draft, and when you look at your body as a depreciable asset, it only makes sense to start earning money off from your physical ability as early as possible in order to maximize your earning potential. All that another year in college would do for Nik is take one extra year's earnings out of his bank account, so yeah, time to move on. For Robinson, he's kind of drifted into that zone of slightly underwhelming results with a high ceiling. That's a dangerous place to be. He's now viewed as a player with a lot of untapped potential due to his athleticism, but what if he went back to college and was basically the same player he was as a sophomore? Some of the shine would come off the apple at that point, so I think it's probably the right move to leave now with Stauskus. As it is, I'll bet he's drafted somewhere in the 20s; had he come back he prob- ably could've played his way into the bottom of the lottery … or fell into the sec- ond round. That's a pretty big risk, so I definitely get why he chose to jump now. But what bothers me about Robinson leaving is that we never saw the best of him at U-M. Sure he made some fantastic plays and was a major contributor during a great, great run. But he never had that stretch where you felt like you were seeing everything come together, where he had broken through and was realizing his potential. Stauskus had that stretch during the Wisconsin/Iowa/MSU gauntlet where he kind of cemented himself as one of the top players in the con- ference, where you could see the look in his eye even. Trey Burke's en- tire sophomore season looked like an NBA audition (in a good way). Robinson, though, like I said, a lot of good moments and a lot of big plays. But never that moment where you sat back and thought, 'Yup, he's definitely arrived.' I think he'll end up being a better pro than college player, and that's a little bit of a shame. I just wish we'd have been able to see him more closely resemble the player that he's about to become in the NBA. ch13ba • A few thoughts on next season in basketball … 1. I see a lot of people projecting a lineup with two bigs if Mitch McGary comes back, but I'm not convinced that this will occur. When it appeared that Jon Horford would also be back, the roster composition made this a possibility, but without him, playing two bigs at the same time, which risks simultaneous foul trouble for both of them, only works if you have a third big who can play the five From Our Website

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