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■ pack past Backing the Pack since 1947! Holtz, whose .719 winning percentage is the best of any Pack coach since World War I, admits that he had a good thing going in Raleigh and never should have left after four seasons. photo courtesy nc state media relations every aspect of his program, accused the math teacher of spying for upcoming opponent Maryland. But there was more to his dissatisfaction than just that. Holtz often compensated for slights with bombast. He once canceled a pre-bowl press conference in protest, complaining that not enough of his players were selected for the All-ACC squad. After four years with the Pack, Holtz bolted for the Jets. He didn't even last a full season there, before he packed up his family and moved to Arkansas, then Minnesota, then Notre Dame, where he reach the pinnacle of his coaching success and fulfilled one of his famous 107 lifelong goals by winning the 1988 national championship. Holtz, continuing his lifelong wanderlust, retired in 1996 to become a television commentator, then unretired in 1999 to return to coaching. He spent six seasons at South Carolina before retiring again in 2004 to become, again, a television commentator. Holtz has always been a motivational genius and a magician, both figuratively and literally. He took up trickery while in Raleigh and did magic tricks to overcome an inherent shyness. He's always been an inspiring motivational speaker for first-time audiences. Second- and third-time audiences may grow weary of his speech — Holtz has never been one to let a good line go unrepeated. For anyone who questions whether a young coach from a smaller, mid-major starter job can be successful as NC State's football coach, the answer is: yes, it's already been done. ■ Featuring cigars From: arturo Fuente ashton Drew estate Montecristo and Many More! XikaR, colibri, Prometheus, Diamond crown & Dupont accessories sports Memorabilia Visit us on the web at check out our Robusto Room, memberships available! Rocky Patel Padron BNK 6310 CHAPEL HILL ROAD stE 250, RALEIGH, NC 27607 PHONE: (919) 851-4422 n FAX: (919) 851-8968 n BASS NIXON & KENNEDY INC., CONSultINg ENgINEErS You may contact Tim Peeler at January 2013  ■  73 70,72-73.Pack Past.indd 73 12/11/12 2:30 PM

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