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KEEP HARBAUGH HERE Dear The Wolverine: I do not like it! The M Nation does not like it! However, we do not con- trol it. Prepare for the inevitable con- tinuing rash of stories about Jim Harbaugh going to some yet to be named pro or college football team. Success breeds that in the coach- ing ranks. It was true when he was a success at Stanford. It was true when he took the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in his sec- ond year as an NFL coach. It will stick with him as long as he remains successful at whatever level of coaching he chooses. For the time being, it is the Uni- versity of Michigan football team that is the beneficiary of his employ- ment. Only he knows what satisfies his aspirations. The desire to attain certain goals, money and ego all en- ter into the decision to select specific jobs in any profession. Head coach- ing jobs at the college level and the pro football levels are finite, with only 32 available in the pro ranks and about 128 in the Division I FBS. It is a fact that there are many more who have aspirations of be- coming a head coach at those two levels than actually become head coaches. Once one becomes a head coach with some success, the likeli- hood increases that one will get a second, third or more opportunities. I offer no research on the subject other than an uninterested lifetime of observation of coaching hires. One more observation yields the conclusion that current employ- ment in coaching does not preclude teams from seeking coaches that are currently employed. Most contracts include a clause that requires per- mission before pursuit occurs. Therefore, I am prepared to read about, see on TV or hear on radio that Jim Harbaugh is a person of interest for coaching jobs now and indefinitely into the future. If there is a program that needs resurrecting, speaking in the religious sense, it is almost as if there is a commandment that says: "Thou shall pursue Jim Harbaugh as head football coach." It will only increase if and when he has continued success at Michi- gan. For the present, I take him at his word that he wanted to return to his alma mater. His family sup- ported his decision. He became our coach. It is early in the season as I write this, and Harbaugh and his coaches have had early success with FROM OUR READERS SEND YOUR LETTERS TO: Wolverine Letters • P.O. Box 1304 Ann Arbor, MI 48106 Or e-mail: Letters may be edited for clarity or length.

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