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berg and a host of others? Harbaugh does. Then he goes and plays in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro‑Am, posing for a picture in an unlikely combination with Kenny G and Larry The Cable Guy, the lat‑ ter not even needing to urge him to Git‑R‑Done. Harbaugh told USA Today he's not good enough at golf to get shook up at a bad shot or two, and admitted he never completely gets football off his mind. "I actually am thinking about a few things," he said. "There are a few things percolating. But for the most part, I forget about football when I'm out here. Too much too look at, too many shots to take." He's sending a shot across the bow of the Southeastern Conference as February fades into March. Michigan invades Florida for the second time in two months, taking the week of U‑M's spring break for the first week of spring football practice at IMG Academy in Bradenton. That news hit the SEC like an Uber‑ driver boycott of its best bagmen. The league whose members go out of their way to provide illicit benefits to student‑athletes, via some of the most NCAA‑penalized programs in col‑ lege football history, is concerned the Wolverines won't get the benefit of their official spring break. How touching. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey pe‑ titioned the NCAA to block the move and prevent college football teams from using spring break for practice. Sankey told CBS Sports: "We have work to do on, how do you provide a postseason break? It seems this is one where reasonable people could say we just shouldn't be in this space. "We've got one program taking what has been 'free time' away. Let's draw a line and say, 'That's not appropriate.'" Forget for a moment the fact that an SEC commissioner telling the NCAA about something inappropriate ranks with Bernie Madoff chiding a carnival barker for hosting a rigged ring‑toss game. Sankey wouldn't make a peep if the Wolverines were headed for Maine, or Washington, or Arizona. Harbaugh's not‑so‑subtle reaction on Twitter the day after Sankey's comments: "Question of the day: Does anyone find whining to be at‑ tractive? Just curious." Harbaugh hasn't whined about his lot since taking over a five‑win Michi‑ gan team a little more than a year ago. He's just worked, and driven, and inspired, and innovated, and pushed himself and others. He's got some things percolating, all right. His sights are certainly set on Michigan State, Ohio State and winning the Big Ten. But his vision goes beyond that, and college football — love him or hate him — can't look away. The train is picking up steam, and it won't be slowing down any time soon. Its engineer is stoked. ❏ Editor John Borton has been with The Wolverine since 1991. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter @JB _ Wolverine.

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