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������ from our readers the several stores in Ann Arbor to do some shopping. I have traveled from New Hampshire for 12 years to enjoy a game, but in the last several it has become more and more difficult to get around. I now have to use a wheelchair and some people at the gates need to be trained better how to talk to people with handicaps. Last year, I was so insulted that I felt like going back to my hotel room. I was treated very harshly, as I had reserved a wheelchair and I was trying to flag down a man in the golf cart. Instead of being helpful, he just drove off and told me to walk. Why couldn���t he have made a call or been a little more helpful? It was very discouraging. I walked and walked. I had a friend with me and finally an elderly man stopped in his golf cart and asked me if he could help. I said yes, it would be nice. He took me to the section where I should be. Bill Kulhman (I think that was his name) was extremely nice. He was one of the ushers in the section where I was. A wheelchair was brought immediately and I was wheeled to the spot where I was supposed to be. This was the Air Force game, which I enjoyed so much. The pregame show and the halftime show were excellent, and I mean excellent. I was proud of the people in attendance who were very respectful to the Air Force team. These men and women represent our country and it was an honor to see them. I love the Michigan band and ������ From Our Web Site ��� This [basketball] team was way too tense the last four games. It really looked like they weren���t having fun out there. The frosh became tentative, [Nik] Stauskas and [Glenn] Robinson disappeared for large chunks. As a result, the offense became a two-man game with [Tim] Hardaway and [Trey] Burke. The kids need to loosen up, go out there and have fun. Play Michigan basketball. Don���t worry about the brand of basketball that other teams play. The remainder of our difficult games are all at home. Big Ten refs generally allow the home team to dictate the style of play. As long as we go out and have fun, play Michigan basketball, and act confident, we should win out. KyleMac ��� Phil Steele said that it would be a disservice to ���The Game��� if Michigan and Ohio were not in the same [division]. My first thought would be ��� I do not want to be in a [division] with Ohio. The two best teams should be in separate divisions, but I understand how it would take away from the quality of ���The Game��� if we played twice. rodenya01 ��� [Putting Michigan and Ohio State in the same division] has to happen. Should have happened the first time

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